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Takeout Tuesday - Kiin Imm Thai Rockville Pike

I'm not even sure what was stopping me but I FINALLY tried out a local favorite, Kiin Imm Thai for some delicious takeout!  I wanted to try something besides a meat-centric dish, so I ordered the Godzilla fried rice, Larb tofu salad, and Pad see ew with tofu.  

Everything was really delicious, and as you can tell that the portions are generous!  I have no idea why the Godzilla fried rice has that name haha, but it had lots of seafood and tasted great.  The two tofu dishes might seem repetitive, but the Larb tofu salad had a strong vinegar-y flavor that made it quite different from the noodle dish.  As you might imagine I had these for many meals in the following days, but definitely not complaining since it was all delicious.  Weekend dinners seem to be quite busy for them, which is nice to see during these difficult times.  I will definitely try them again soon, especially since it took me long enough to get over for my first visit!

Kiin Imm Thai Rockville
785-D Rockville Pike 
Rockville, MD 20852

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