Friday, September 30, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 30th, 2011

Jersey Shore Recap

Another RECAP SON AQUI! by B:

Typical of “the Man”:  I totally agree Snooki, you’re a nice person and shouldn’t be hasseled by the police.  You know, even if you rammed your car into the back of theirs…
Europeans are too soft on crime:  You only banned Snooki from driving and fined her a lot?   This was your best chance to boot them all!
For those of you keeping score at home:   Jionni is coming to Italy, but Roger is not because he couldn’t get out of work
I didn’t know garbage men had such tight strict working conditions:  How does Roger screw this up and not get permission to go to Italy?  And how does he find out two days before he’s supposed to leave?
I am shocked:  JWoww still has tear ducts?
Being vice president is not worth a warm bucket of spit:  No Ronnie = MVP, with Ronnie = Mr. VP.  Thanks for downgrading everyone Ron…
She must have had a layover in Antarctica:  Snooki it did not take 24 hours to get to Italy
She should start demanding appearance fees:   Britney I is back!  This girl’s an idiot.  She honestly likes Mike.  In about two years all his money is going to be gone, so you shouldn’t cancel those pole dancing classes yet…
It’s the international version of Punk’d:   Snooki plays a prank on Mike and tells Britney I to wait in his bed.  Meanwhile, Mike brings a girl home.  Of course the prank backfired…Mike doesn’t care who he has sex with, and Britney I has the self-esteem level of Precious.
Someone needs to eat a mushroom ASAP:  Jionni is really…short
I’d think he’d want to do that after to wash away the shame:  Snooki wants to smush, but Jionni wants to shower
Things no one needed to know:  Jionni has a tan weiner
He’s got the look of Daniel LaRusso and the moves of Hillary Swank:  Mike de-stresses by doing karate moves. 
Maybe she thought it was amateur night at a strip club:  Uh Snooki…why are you lifting your dress up on the dance floor?
Thank god it can’t get any worse…:  Uh…snooki why are you showing your vagina to everyone on the dance floor?
Good thing she didn’t get to the trick involving the ping pong balls:  Jionni storms out of the club.  After quickly redressing, Nicole takes off after Jionni…and falls.  Again.
Solidarity sister!:  Deena stumbles right after
It’s right foot, then left foot:  Is using your feet that hard?  Even Lt. Dan walked better than you two
What are the odds this works:  Good call JWoww.  I would try and reason with a drunk Snooki during a meltdown.  
If you give someone a reality check who lacks any sense of reality, did it happen?:  Seriously JWoww, what reality check are you going to give Snooki.   Ten minutes ago she said she was getting c-sections so she wouldn’t mess up her vagina.   There’s a website called for crying out loud.  
Remember, death is not an option:  Watching Snooki melt down over Jionni or listing to Mike blabber on and on about how Jionni knows too much and is looking at him funny
No seriously, what are the odds this works:  Ron, know you’re limitations.   You’re not going to dunk a basketball even on a child’s hoop.  You probably wouldn’t score 1000 on your SATs, and yes I am factoring in the test is out of 2400.  I wouldn’t try and chase down Jionni to convince him to not be mad at Snooki.
And then Ronnie had an epiphany:  Jionni tells Ronnie he has to walk away because Snooki is acting like a single girl
Paging Google Maps:  Hate to break it to you JWoww, but Florence is 39.5 square miles (thank you Wikipedia).  You might want to rethink this whole walking the streets to find Jionni.
Name me five bigger tragedies:  Vinny and Sammi don’t have their own Wikipedia pages.   How is this possible?
Five year olds across America are embarrassed by you:  Snooki has a temper tantrum on the street, because as you might have heard, she doesn’t deserve this.
You know, you’re dating Snooki right:  Pauly D and Vinny say Jionni should know this stuff will happen
Sounds like JWoww had a reality check with Sam also:   Sam figures out that people don’t like when couples get into fights in front of them
Who needs the reality check now JWoww:  Yes, this was Ron and Sam last year…it was also Ron and Sam the year before…and this year…and next year.
“See ya. You’re single.”:  Jionni returns and wants nothing to do with Nicole.  Somehow it took her flashing her cooka.  Of all the things that could have led to a breakup, that would have been near the bottom of my list.   I figured anyone who dated Snooki would be into that.   He packs his bags and is heading back to Jersey.
There’s more than an airport in Florence??:  Jionni is such an ass clown.  Who comes to visit their girlfriend in Italy, and then leaves the same day because they get into a fight.   If Mike is calling you a wanksta, you must suck.
Is there a Wyclef Jean song Jionni could listen to?:   While we’re at it, who dates Snooki and gets mad when she gets into “default” mode?  Of course she wants to strip in public.  She’s the perfect candidate to work the day shift in a strip club one day.   Quit acting like you met her in church.
Paula Abdul was right:  Spoiler alert, Snooki and Jionni are back together now.   Still unknown, why was the opposite of Paula an animated cat?
Watch the language Snooki:   Don’t speak in absolutes…it makes it harder to deny things later.  In the end, you probably cheated.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 29th, 2011

Toiletries - What Say You?

So, one of the perks of going crazy with coupons and entering just about every giveaway/sample offer I can find is getting lots of stuff.  Especially toiletries, because so many of them are offered as prizes from magazines and online giveaways.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love having all this stuff for cheap/free.  But the problem I'm having is that when I get something new, I want to try it right away.   Therefore, I wind up opening and using multiple products at the same time, haha.  Seriously, I currently have four toothpastes, three leave-in hair conditioners, a million shampoos and conditioners, and a handful of face lotions in circulation as I write this.

But when it comes time for me to figure out if a certain product is working (say, if I want to buy another one of a product), it's difficult for me to know which product is actually working.  This might not be an issue for say, toothpaste, but for specialty brand face products that normally cost $40+, it can be an issue.  What I'd like to do is to stick to one product at a time (instead of using something different every day) for a little while to check how things go.

So here is my question to you folks is:  How long do you try out a new product to decide if it's right for you?  One week? One month?  Or do you just hope for no bad reactions and don't care if it's be best product for you?  Please let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 28th, 2011

Cakespy Print


I  love this quote and the print - one of my little gifts from the Cakespy shop in Seattle!

That being said, having a maid wouldn't be so bad... hahah.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 27th, 2011

Smoothie Tumblers

I've been enjoying my daily morning smoothies, but only having one tumbler was getting a little annoying.  I acquired a second one with a Keurig iced coffee rebate coupon, but I just had to buy this set (above) when I saw it at TJMaxx!

I really like the pink dandelions on the tumber on the left, and I it's very convenient that this set comes with six extra straws.  If anyone is looking for extra smoothie/iced drink cups, definitely check out TJMaxx or other discount stores before paying full price at other stores!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 26th, 2011

CVS Deals

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of couponing and deals.  One of the best places for consistent savings is CVS.  This may surprise some of you, as I had previously believed that drugstores always had higher prices on items compared to other stores.  But, a look at the CVS weekly circular (located in the Sunday paper) will show that there's lots of items on sale that often coincide with that week's coupons.  Also, a number of items come with Extra Bucks back, which is like getting "money" back towards your next purchase.

Since a number of good deals are available each week, I thought I would post my purchases here on a regular basis.  Although the deals may vary depending on where you live, most of them should be nationwide deals.  If you pick up the paper on Sundays you'll get both the weekly insert and coupons that you can use that week or in the future, like I do. 

First things first, make sure you have a CVS ExtraCare card and scan it at the coupon center every week for extra store coupons :o)  Also, pick up a CVS Green Tag ($1) if you use reusable bags for shopping - for every four shopping trips you get $1 Extra Bucks back. 

This week I got:

  • Softsoap 4-pack bar soap & 12oz body wash: 2/$6 on sale, two $1 off manufacturer's coupons, $4 Extra Bucks back.
  • Trident gum: 3/$3 on sale, one $1 off manufacturer's coupon, $1 Extra Bucks back.
  • Colgate Total toothpaste: $2.99 on sale, one $1 off manufacturer's coupon, $1 Extra Bucks back.
And, some great deals that are great even if you don't have the coupons above- some items are basically free with Extra Bucks:

  • Bausch & Lomb Re-Nu sensitive contact solution: $8.99 on sale, $7 Extra Bucks back.
  • Excedrin 8-count medicine: $0.99, $0.99 Extra Bucks back.  
  • ThermaCare 1-count Lower back and hip heat wrap: $3.79 on sale, $3.79 Extra Bucks back.

Hopefully this will help people out as a reminder to check out CVS for deals!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 23rd, 2011

Curbside Cupcake DC

Thanks to a stop outside of DC, I finally had a chance to try out Curbside Cupcake.  Normally they go around parts of the city during the week, meaning I wouldn't have time to find them during work, so I was happy to be able to check them out.  

I picked up two cupcakes because they were doing a special that day (2 for $5, vs. $3 each), plus a cookies n' cream shake because it was their first day of offering milkshakes on the truck. 

I understand that boxes cost more money but I was a little surprised when my two cupcakes came in one paper lunch bag.  I had to be pretty careful taking these back to work, especially since there wasn't a divider separating the two cupcakes. 

I got a Red Velvet (left) and what I believe was a Snickerdoodle cupcake - I don't see it listed on their online menu, but I think it might have been a special flavor? 

Taste-wise these cupcakes were ok, but as you can see in the photo, pretty dry around the edges.  I found the core of the cupcakes to be the tastiest section of both cupcakes.  Also, not to be nitpicky, but the frosting on the Red Velvet cupcake was completely off-center and about to fall over at any second.  And that's how it was when I received it, so it's not an issue of heat or anything.  To be honest both cupcakes weren't really that appealing when I first looked at them, and I was a little surprised, given the rave reviews I've heard from people on Twitter mostly.  

The cookies n' cream shake was tasty - but then again, give me just about anything with Oreos and I'll like it, haha.  I'm mostly happy that I was able to try out this cupcake truck so that I can say that I tried it once, but I'm not really sure I'd be in a hurry to track them down again. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 22nd, 2011

Seattle: No Parking?

I forgot about this photo, but I just had to share - my parents and I came across this sign as we were walking around a nearby park/lake.  Yes, it says "No Parking".  No, it was not boat-specific.

Who is trying to park there???

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 21st, 2011

Jersey Shore Recap

Another fab recap by B - laugh so hard your underwears fall off:

Like watching an Italian version of George and Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”…ya know, if Lennie were a midget:  Geez Ron, quit yelling Riccione like Pauly D would at the pizzeria.  You’re scaring the customers
I’m not gonna lie:  I never thought I would use a literary reference with Jersey Shore.  Same goes for the word Riccione…
And while I’m at it, I’m taking my ball and going home:   Jionni is no longer coming to Italy because Ron, and Sam, and Deena, and JWoww were all mean to him 
Jionni, you um, watched the show before, right?:  Just making sure, because I’m pretty sure you just told Snooki “you guys are crazy.  Everyone one of you guys is absolutely out of your mind”
Pop quiz, you’re going to the beach for one night.  How many pieces of luggage do you need:   One?  Hahahaha. The correct answer is 27
Better question, how many idiots does it take to pack for one day at the beach:   Vinny ponders the age old question…how many Guidos does it take to put luggage on a car?  
A new low in the history of Italian sexual harassment:  Deena Jersey turnpikes on the Firenza turnpike.  
Well... it's very impressive, yes:   Technically, Snooki is right.  A continent does border on an ocean.
I’m not gonna lie again:  I had to Google that to double check
And yes, I know I am glossing over the most important part:   Riccione is on the Adriatic Sea…not an ocean.
La situatione!:  Mike sees his Italian doppelganger.  Inevitably, Mike is going to be jailed for a sex crime of some sort.   We should lock this guy up too just to be safe.
This is gonna end as well as a Snooki drunk dial to Jionni:  The girls want to get hammered
After the whole Italy ocean thing, I just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page:   Italy does not have a Caribbean island in it
An Italian man does not like the girls foul language and lets them know it:   This isn’t really recap-worthy, but in my drunken notes on the episode I referred to him as Count Von Barenstein.  I just found it funny that in my inebriated state I made the guy a mixture of Italian, German, Jewish, and chocolate cereal spokesmen
It’s like Sheen giving Kutcher acting advice:  Snooki and Deena are too drunk for JWoww and Sam???  Really?
One person’s heaven is everyone else’s hell:  Snooki and Deena are so drunk, they think they’re in heaven when music is played.  Snooki falls into the bushes in case you were wondering
Shouldn’t we be giving credit to her for just having some on:  Deena manages to dance so hard…wait for it…actually in her own words, “her underwears comes off”
(sigh) Yeah, you heard me right:  “Underwears”
Sign you had too much to drink:  Even Ronnie and the Situation are embarrassed by you
Don’t let the fun fool you:  Ron is still dating Sam
It’s like a porn star judging a stripper:  Drunk Snooki thinks a less drunk JWoww is acting like her mom
My apologies:  I shouldn’t have used the word stripper.   They prefer to be called grad students.
It’s a pre-requisite to become a D-list celebrity:   Deena forgets to put underwears (her words again) on before heading out to the club  
If only ‘cooka’ could solve the European debt crisis:  Deena is dancing like she is wearing underwears and shows her vagina to all of Italy.  Two observations from this:  1)  Italian men will really look at any nude woman no matter how much vomit will immediately follow, and 2) the recession has prevented Deena from waxing…
Man, it’s been a while, but let’s update that definition of classy:  “Showing nipple is one thing, but cooka is another” - Jwoww
Roberto Clemente must be so pissed right now:   Taylor Lautner is wearing his jersey in the new movie no one over the age of 18 or has a penis is going to see
Forget the movie, we have a real contagion.  Suddenly all the men of Riccione went blind:  Snooki and Deena start making out…that or they are fighting over a cheeseburger
Move over Billy Shakespeare:  “To be or not to be” is no longer the question.   Sammi Sweethearts “are you really a lesbian Deena” has taken its place
For those keeping score at home:  That’s two literary references.   How many Jersey Shore recaps offer that? 
Damn you Hollywood and porn:  Why do you make us believe lesbians are hot??  
Pun intended:  The meatballs are committing cannibalism
That’s so weird, I was thinking the exact same thing:  Pauly is mad that Ronnie is swacking his swack
Someone’s got to ask:  What’s a swacker?  I’m not even sure what a swacker does, but I guarantee Ronnie is definitely one
From Shakespeare to Urban Dictionary:  Swacking is to steal/jack one’s swag and claim it as your own.  Ronnie quit denying it…you’re a swacker.  Now if someone could define swag for me…
And remember, death is not an option:   24 hours of 6 Hour Power commercials or 24 hours of keeping real with Xenadrine?
This is where the line is????:   The roommates all judge Snooki for cheating on Jionni with Deena.  Even Ronnie is giving a lecture on cheating.  Yeah, you read that right
To alcohol, the cause of…and solution to…all of life’s problems:   The girls spend the night in bed together, and may have hooked up.  Since they blacked out only the MTV production crew can answer this for us.  Deena doesn’t remember if they did sex.
I'll make a batch of the poison Kool-aid:  MTV, to prevent a mass suicide, please don't tell us if Deena did sex with Snooki
Even Michaela Salehi is embarrassed, and she was in the news for bagging a guy from Journey:  Between underwears and doing sex, I’m really starting to worry Deena may have some learning disabilities
I hate to be redundant, but that’s where the line is???  Snooki confesses to Jionni about her lesbian tryst.  Considering how mad he gets when she opens her mouth, you would expect this to end the relationship.   For someone reason he doesn’t care about lesbionics.  Bottom line:  dudes love lesbians. 
Unreported fact I:  Jionni has never actually seen Deena, and would end up hating lesbians
Unreported fact II:  Jionni clearly has never actually looked at Nicole, because he would hate lesbians even more
Gives a new meaning to the pokey (zinger!):  The Meatballs hang out in the garbage cans in what can only be assumed is to enact a prison love scene.  These girls are dumb as rocks. 
A second apology:  That’s not fair to rocks
Would you even need the previews to guess how this scene ends?:  Two hungover idiots that hid under garbage cans are driving around town
It’s going to take a lot more than 15 minutes to fix this:   Snooki rams into the back of a cop car, and an ambulance has to transport the cops away
Which one surprises you more (Neither is an acceptable answer):   The fact that Snooki doesn't have her license or that the cops gave her a breathayzer during the day?  
If only Taxis had son aqui!:   Snooki gets arrested for her accident
Bonus Jersey Shore Aftershow Recap!  (real quick high/low points)
Her next job is co-anchoring Fox and Friends:   Whoever is running the aftershow asks if Snooki has street cred for getting arrested in Italy
Even methheads feel bad:   JWoww somehow lost even more of her face…she can’t smile like a real person anymore
Oh…My…God:   Deena still is saying underwears
Another reason the Chinese are going to take over:   The audience gave Mike a standing O
Sign you probably had sex with Situation:  Even Roger thought it was a bad idea for Snooki to hang out with Mike
And I thought the British were witty:  Mike gives the “blow by blow” of his hookup with Snooki
Did she need a to kneel on a phone book?:  More witty Mike…Snooki went from 4’9” to 2’9”
Because that’s what normal people do:  Snooki, there is no way you were having a casual conversation with Mike in the same room that Ryder was banging Unit
Where’s Judge Judy when you need her:  Can we get a verdict on this Mike and Snooki thing?  I say it’s true because Snooki’s stories (yes, it constantly changes) makes as much sense as the people who claim the moon landing never happened or that Obama was born in Kenya

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Lunchtime Links for September 20th, 2011

Fall @ Dunkin Donuts

I know I've already mentioned the fall goodies in area stores, but in case anyone was REALLY interested (like I am) here's the complete lineup from Dunkin Donuts:

Dunkin’s Donuts’ complete fall lineup includes:
  • Pumpkin Coffee and Lattes: Pumpkin flavoring adds a seasonal touch to Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee and lattes. Served hot or iced, they are the perfect way to keep yourself running with a taste of fall. Pumpkin coffee is available for the suggested retail price of $1.39 for a small 10 oz. hot beverage. The Pumpkin Latte features a caramel drizzle and is available at the suggested retail prize of $1.99 for a 10 oz. hot beverage.
  • Pumpkin’ Muffin: Topped with white icing and streusel crumbs, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Pumpkin Muffin is a seasonal favorite and is available for the suggested retail price of $1.39.
  • Pumpkin Donut: Back by popular demand, Dunkin’ Donuts’ glazed pumpkin cake donut is available for the suggested retail price of 89 cents. 
  • Fall Harvest Donut: The Fall Harvest Donut is a yeast ring donut topped with orange icing and a festive pumpkin sprinkle mix, available at the suggested retail price of 89 cents.
  • New Apple Cider (Available in New England and Upstate New York only):Seeking traditional autumn refreshment? Dunkin’ Donuts’ new Apple Cider, steamed via an espresso machine, is available hot or iced for the suggested retail price of $1.59 for a small 10 oz. hot beverage.
  • New Apple Pie (Available in New England and Upstate New York only): Served warm, the handheld-sized baked Apple Pie features a flaky crust topped with cinnamon sugar. This new bakery treat is available for the suggested retail price of $1.29.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is the apple cider only available in New England and Upstate NY?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 19th, 2011

Missoni for Target Haul

As promised, here's my Missoni for Target haul!

First, here's a cute note holder.  The container itself is sturdy and fun, and it'll be a great decorative piece for my desk.  Since the paper inside is octagon-shaped, it'll probably be impossible to find any replacement paper, but oh well, haha.

I also found this ceramic platter in the purple pattern.  I wasn't initially going to get this, but I liked that it was ceramic (aka sturdy) so that I will get more use out of it for parties and stuff.  Something like this doesn't need decorative napkins or a liner for displaying, which is nice too. 

I just can't seem to resist mugs!  I seriously have SO many but I keep acquiring more.  Since this was one of the few remaining mugs that there was more than one of, I snatched it up quickly.  I liked that it coordinates with the platter without being too matchy-matchy. 

Finally, I couldn't resist picking up some stationary.  I got two sets of cards in coordinating patterns.  I wish they had more items available in the other (non-zig zag) patterns!

Overall, I am happy with the items that I was able to get.  I'm really happy that I managed to get there earlier in the day and get at least these pieces, because online shopping was impossible, and the Target stores have no items available even the following day.  I do wish I could've seen some of the other items like the space-dyed infinity scarves and gloves, but I think I'll get good use out of the stuff that I did manage to find.  If anyone was also planning on getting some Missoni for Target items, I hope you found what you were looking for!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 15th, 2011

Seattle: The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company wasn't on my radar when I first got to Seattle, but as luck would have it it was in my mom's copy of a Japanese Seattle guidebook (so typical, haha) and it was only a few blocks from where we were meeting everyone for the food and drink tour.  

I loved this shop from the moment I stepped in - just check out all of the cute cupcakes, and that heart-shaped whoopie pie!

As soon as I saw the pancakes and bacon cupcake (above), I knew I had to get one.  It was featured prominently in a few articles that were displayed in the store, and hello, it's bacon.

We tried out this cupcake the next morning and I thought it was pretty friggin' awesome.  The saltiness of the bacon went really well with the sweet maple flavors of the cupcake, and the frosting was airy and not at all cloying.  I am so glad I tried this cupcake!

As luck would have it, the pancakes and bacon cupcake wouldn't be my last experience with Yellow Leaf.  My sister-in-law brought over four cupcakes from them a few days later, not even knowing that we had tried it out and I already loved their cupcakes, haha.

The top two were the lavender maple and cherry pomegranate.  The bottom two were Boston creme and simply vanilla.  I tried a little bit of each one - and seriously, they were all really really good.  The restraint on the sweetness of all of their cupcakes really allows each of the flavors to shine through.  Like the pancakes and bacon cupcake, the frosting was light and really flavorful without being overpowering.  I especially liked the Boston creme one because it had a generous center of custard in the middle, yum.

If you're in downtown Seattle and want to try some really delicious cupcakes, definitely check out the Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company!  I can't wait to go back and try more flavors!

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company
2209 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 14th, 2011

Jersey Shore Recap

Woohoo- another Jersey Shore recap from B! At least reading this won't make you want to concuss yourself a la The Situation...

Sorry I missed last week’s episode.  I was all set to write one, but I smashed my head into the wall after Ron and Sam talked about getting back together, and when I woke up it was a week later.
Can someone pull Ron aside and explain to him what pride is:  Ron decides to swallow his “pride” and apologizes to Sam for…hell, do you really care why he’s apologizing?  If they replaced the 15 minutes of Ron and Sam fighting and apologizing with clips from Teen Mom, would you really be upset?  Let’s just move on…
It’s like any good abusive relationship:  Oh right, I forgot this part.   Even though Ron threw away everything of value he gave to Sam, he backtracked and told her he loves her.  What’s sadder, the fact that an 8 year old could handle this relationship better, that Sam went dumpster diving like 12 times, or that these two still think they could be a couple.
Where’s the Tea Party when you really need them?:  Why don’t Vinny and Pauly D get more air time?  They hit up the confessional for a hilarious take on Mike’s “injury” (he’s still in the neck brace).   Here’s a question, would you prefer half an episode devoted to the Italian version of Ike and Tina, or half an episode of Vinny and Pauly riffing on current events?   This demands action people! 
I don’t think you realize what Italy is known for:  Mike says he wants to go home because he can’t GTL.
Can we get an Amber Alert for T?:  The lack of tanning is really starting to concern me.   If JWoww starts losing her tan, I’m worried someone is going to mistake her for one of those skeleton models they use in medical schools.
Even the pot and the kettle are embarrassed by this one:  JWoww calls out Mike for milking his head/neck injury.  For those scoring at home, that makes three fame whores calling out a fourth fame whore for “milking it”.
Maybe they can blur Mike’s face like they blur his Abercrombie logo:  Mike cries to Ron because he can’t do anything for himself.   What part of a neck sprain prevents you from doing laundry, cooking dinner, and degrading women?
While we’re on the subject of degrading women:  Where’s Britney I in all of this?   Does she not date the handicapable?
Cue the Rocky theme song:  After the pep talk with Ron, the Situation decides he has had enough.  He is going to stand up and not be helpless! Absentee fathers, you should have locked your daughters up, because the man no self-respecting woman would date is back!
Hey padre, this isn’t exactly Eve we’re talking about:  As Snooki walks past a church, a priest yells at Snooki for her short clothing, and tells her to cover-up.  Trust me; she’s not tempting anyone…
Jesus must be so pissed that he died for this…:   According to Snooki, God made her breasts, so he would want her to show them. 
I think she could just say “(insert name of body part) didn’t make mine”:   JWoww points out God did not make her boobs
Geez, Tiger and Elin would be less awkward:   Jionni doesn’t like his girlfriend drunk.   He also doesn’t like talking about sex.   On top of that, he doesn’t like when Snooki says stupid things...apparently Jionni never met Snooki before agreeing to be her boyfriend.
This is so meta:  Pauly D and Vinny create Guido toolbag alter-egos named “Joey D and Louie”.  I bet he can’t get any real screen time either… 
GTL is sooooo Season 1:  Fist Pump, pushups, chapstick (FPC!)
Get your own material:  Hey Vinnie, don’t steal my joke about smashing your head into the wall because of Ron and Sam!  Not cool bro…not cool
Sign 14,104,568 your relationship might now work out:   It’s easier to lie to your girlfriend on camera and let her see the footage than tell the truth in the moment.   Sam, I’m assuming you can count (big reach on my part), so you know that Ron called that girl more than once
I believe the term you’re looking for is nightmare:  Ron wakes up and goes to bed thinking of Sam…(shudder)
It’s not cheating if you spread peanut butter on your testicles and let your dog lick it off…because it’s your dog:   Ron defends bringing the phone number by saying he didn’t invite a girl to come from the club.  I’m no Sam expert thankfully, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be just as pissed that you invited a girl to fly over the Atlantic to visit you.
Well since you’re listening, may I suggest a murder/suicide:   Vinny calls Ron and Sam out for fighting. 
Where is Amanda Knox when you need her?:  I’m starting to think the only way this Ron and Sam thing is going to end with someone going nuts and taking them out.
I thought you were joking.  I even wrote about it in my diary.   “Sammi had a very funny joke today.”  I laughed about it later that night:  Ron and Sam are back together.  If I was a betting man, I would bet they break up by the next episode.
JWoww on hearing Jionni doesn’t like drunk girls (This also doubles as the most intelligent thing I have heard this season from anyone):  You don’t want someone who drinks…you’re dating Snooki
Ron, while we’re explaining pride to you, let’s take a minute and talk about irony:   Ronnie gives relationship advice to Snooki.  I know what you’re thinking.   “Ronnie?  Really?   The small guy who gets mad a lot?   That Ronnie?  Isn’t that like David Hasselhoff giving advice on sobriety or not eating food of the floor? “ 
I say to-mato, you say to-moto.  I say potato, you say we hooked up:  Snooki confronts Mike about their alleged hookup…again.   Nothing is resolved…again.   I almost would rather watch Ron and Sam discuss their “relationship” than watch this.
On second thought:  Sam declares this is the “last and final time for Ron and Sam”.  I feel like the jilted ex boyfriend who keeps holding out hope their girlfriend means it this time.   Is it really the last time?  Do you mean it?  I know I shouldn’t believe, but I’m holding out hope for one more time!
I have a friend from Jersey nicknamed Crazy Legs!:  Weird I didn’t hear from him after Ronnie said he had them also (Editor’s note:  I just wanted to give my buddy Eddo a shout out.  You’re always the original crazy legs buddy…the people’s crazy legs also)
The War on Guido:  Some Italian club girls start a fight with the meatballs.  If Italian stereotypes were true, the Italians would jump on a turtle, and shoot the shell in the direction of Deena and Snooki to defeat them.
Kick his ass Seabass!:    In all the confusion, Deena attacks Snooki .   Thank god Ronnie wasn’t there, since he is just as short and thick as Deena, Snooki might have attacked him too.
As comfortable as an enema:   Snooki drunk dials Jionni. 
A woman is like a beer. They smell good, they look good, you'd step over your own mother just to get one! But you can't stop at one. You wanna drink another woman!:   Ron gets on the phone to speak with Jionni.  I just figured he gave the same advice Homer Simpson gave Bart about women.
Sign 19,452,580 you’re relationship might not work out:  Snooki’s boyfriend tells you to F off as you’re giving relationship advice.  Seriously, the guy dates Snooki, and he doesn’t respect you.  
Even Burlusconi would turn this down:   Elis the waiter comes over because he obviously has a thing for gremlins.  
I’d hate to Elis’s when his parents tucked you into bed:  Elis has a hickey…from “like his sister”.  Deena sends Elis home.  I know what you’re all thinking.  Huh, I would have guessed Elis would have been the one to end that.
Remember, death is not an option:  Scenes about Snooki and Jionni fighting, or scenes of Ronnie and Sam fighting?
It’s a Jionnivention!:  JWoww, Ronnie, and Sam try to tell Snooki she needs to drop Jionni because they think he treats her poorly.   This intervention isn’t fun.  How about we write it in an anonymous letter?   Or get Joey D and Louie to do it.  At least that way it wouldn’t make it on the air, and we wouldn’t be subjected to this shit.  I’m going to hit my head into the wall again…

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 13th, 2011

Missoni for Target

Today's the day, the big Missoni for Target launch!

By the time you read this, there may not be too much left in Target stores, and who knows if the Target website is back and running again, haha.

For anyone that's interested, here's the full collection here.  I'm mainly interested in the accessories and the housewares, the clothes are a little too much for me haha.

Is anyone else planning on trying to get a few pieces?

Update @ 10:55am - I went to the Target by work and scored a few cute housewares!  I'll be posting pics in a later post :o)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 12th, 2011

Seattle: CakeSpy

Do you see what I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Any fan of Cakespy will recognize that giant cupcake, aka Cuppy!! 

After lunch in downtown Seattle, I dragged my parents to the Cakespy shop because I KNEW I had to go there to check out all the cute stuff.  Luckily for me, I happened to be there when Jessie herself stopped by!!

Jessie was super friendly and sweet - we took photos, chatted about NJ, and she even gifted me a DC cupcake card :o)  I was also able to pick up some cute prints and cards that I'd been checking out online, like this one and this one.  It was absolutely a highlight of my Seattle visit - thank you Jessie for making my trip so much sweeter!

415 E. Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 9th, 2011

Birthday Momofuku Milk Bar Treats

A big "Thank you!" to my friend E for the fantastic Momofuku Milk Bar birthday gift!

The package contained Compost cookies, Confetti cookies, and a carton of cereal milk mix.  So exciting!  If you haven't tried any Momofuku sweets yet, I highly recommend checking them out the next time you're in NYC :o)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lunchtime Links for September 8th, 2011

Seattle: Belltown Food & Drink Tour

During my visit to Seattle, my mom and I went on one of the Seattle Restaurant tours, specifically one that went around the Belltown area of the city.  

We started with oysters and white wine at Local 360, an open and neat-looking restaurant.  Ice-cold oysters and wine- Delicious!

The restaurant had a store nearby, with lots of locally produced goods, a butcher section, and a selection of baked goods- including these yummy-looking brioches!

Next, we went to Rob Roy, a dark and intimate bar that specializes in handcrafted and well-thought out drinks.  We got a cup of a delicious Gin-gin mule.  I don't even like gin but this drink was AMAZING, I loved the addition of ginger beer!

Next stop, Shiro for some sushi - we each got two pieces of nigiri, and they were both really delicious.  Fresh and melted in your mouth, yum.

Then, we went to Branzino restaurant for a rich and creamy dish of orechiette with cheese, tomatoes, and basil.  I loved the texture of the orechiette pasta, and I wish I could've eaten more of this - I was feeling a little full due to the thick cheese sauce. 


Last but not least- time for dessert!  SPUR Gastropub looked like the usual local bar, but the food leans towards sophisticated plating and molecular gastronomy- very surprising!  We had a very summery dessert of corn semifreddo, blueberries, butter powder, and a sorbet on top.  The corn flavor dominated the whole dish in my opinion, so it was interesting and fun to try but I probably wouldn't keep ordering this dish.  

Overall, we had a great time on this food tour.  It was a great way to see and taste a lot of different restaurants in a limited amount of time.  There's no way we would've gone to all of these places for a full meal, so it was great to sample from them all.  It was also nice to hear about the area's history and how it has changed over the years. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011