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Takeout Tuesday - Sweets By Caroline's Macarons at URBNmarket Pike and Rose

There were a lot of great vendors at the URBNmarket held in Pike and Rose recently, including Sweets By Caroline's amazing macarons!  The "regular" macarons all look great but the character ones are on another level - so cute!  I'm glad I got there early to get my pick of the whole selection, especially since it looked like she sold out in two hours.  I could see why she sold out so quickly - the macarons were all so fun to look at and the character ones were so detailed.


The macarons all tasted as good as they looked and were the perfect afternoon treat in the middle of my work days.  This URBNmarket was a great chance to check out vendors that I haven't seen in person before like this one, and try out some delicious treats at the same time! 


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Takeout Tuesday - Green Tea Custard from Carmen's Italian Ice

I normally stick to the mango Italian ice at Carmen's Italian Ice out of habit, but I recently saw green tea custard on their menu and had to try it!  It was creamy and rich with a sweet green tea flavor and I really enjoyed it.  I like green tea sweets in general to begin with, but I think this would be an excellent choice for anyone that wanted to try something out that's less of a direct green tea flavor.  As you can see there's always a huge variety of flavors to choose from, so it doesn't hurt to venture out from your usual order once in a while! 

 Carmen's Italian Ice

1115 Nelson Street
Rockville, MD 20850

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Takeout Tuesday - ChiKo's Noodle Week Tasting Menu

Last week ChiKo offered this amazing tasting menu for Noodle Week in addition to daily specials each day.  Of course I had to get this tasting menu since everything sounded delicious, and I basically spent a whole week enjoying all of it, haha.  Much like their previous Dumpling Week menu, this was packaged perfectly and everything made it home intact in the car ride home.  

I loved the crunchy Asian pear in the sesame noodles, as well as the combination of flavors in the chilled Somen noodles, but it was all really delicious.  I hope they continue to do these creative and delicious themed menus!

 ChiKo Bethesda Row

7280 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

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Takeout Tuesday - Hawkers Bethesda Row's Roti Canai

After a few takeout visits from the Hawkers in Bethesda, their Roti Canai appetizer is quickly becoming one of my regular orders!  I've had Roti Canai before from other restaurants and I was happy to see it on the Hawkers menu when they opened nearby.  The crispy flatbreads are perfect for dipping into the savory curry sauce, and my only complaint would be that I wish I could have more every time I eat it, haha.  It's definitely going to be a staple item on my future orders from them! 

Hawkers Bethesda Row
7117 Bethesda Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814

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Takeout Tuesday - Dunkin' Donuts Cherry Blossom Doughnut

 I just couldn't resist snapping this cherry blossom photo when I got the Cherry Blossom-themed doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts - too cute!  While this is technically a strawberry frosted doughnut, the little flower shaped sprinkles definitely bring a festive spring feel to this treat.  I normally only get iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts but I'm glad I happened to come across this cute spring doughnut while it is available! 

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Takeout Tuesday - Sunday Morning Bakehouse's Cruffin


I've enjoyed the Cruffin from Sunday Morning Bakehouse before, but I hadn't seen it available recently so I had to pick one up! The Cruffin comes from a combination of Croissant + Muffin, making for a crispy outer shell and buttery soft center.  The extra touch of cinnamon sugar around the outside makes this perfect with a cup of coffee.  I lightly toasted this in my toaster oven at home and it definitely added to the texture.  It might look very simple compared to some of their more colorful pastries but I would definitely recommend trying one! 

Sunday Morning Bakehouse
11869 Grand Park Avenue
North Bethesda, MD 20852

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Takeout Tuesday - Crumbl Cookies' Cornbread Cookie


This Cornbread cookie from Crumbl Cookies is definitely one of their more unique flavors, I'm glad I had a chance to try it when it was available!  While cornbread might seem weird for a cookie, it's really not too crazy considering a lot of cornbread is pretty sweet to begin with.  Other famous places have their own versions of corn cookies that I've enjoyed before so I knew I'd like Crumbl's too. This version consists of a warm cornbread cookie topped with a honey butter glaze and a dollop of honey buttercream.  While I think the cookie was great as is without the toppings, it definitely added to the whole "cornbread with butter" look which was fun.  I hope they bring this one back again!

Crumbl Cookies
12266 Rockville Pike 
Rockville, MD 20852  

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Takeout Tuesday - Sunday Morning Bakehouse's PB&J Tart and Hot Cocoa Bomb

I love all of the creative items that continue to be created at Sunday Morning Bakehouse, there's always some new items to enjoy.  Although it's been feeling much more like spring lately, I really liked the whole hot cocoa bomb trend that was around when it was colder out in the last few months.  This version at Sunday Morning Bakehouse reminded me of a pretty snowball, but filled with delicious hot cocoa and sprinkles.  The PB&J tart is such a unique take on a classic peanut butter and jelly sweet.  There's lots of texture and layers to this small tart, and even though I like peanut butter much more than fruit/jelly, I loved how they all balanced each other out in each bite.  I look forward to seeing even more fun items in the display cases! 

Sunday Morning Bakehouse
11869 Grand Park Avenue

North Bethesda, MD 20852

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Takeout Tuesday - ChiKo Bethesda - Dumpling Week Tasting Menu

I am so glad that I ordered this Dumpling Week tasting menu from ChiKo Bethesda before it sold out, this was amazing!  I just couldn't resist such a varied and creative sounding menu of dumplings.  I honestly can't really pick a favorite - and it's so great enjoying a little bit of each of them. I am already looking forward to having these for the next few meals.

The tasting menu was only on the 15th, but they also have this full week of specialty dumplings available each day until the 21st - be sure to check those out if you love dumplings! 

They did a great job with packaging for takeout too - everything stayed perfectly in place, with no spills! The sauces were marked with the container so it was easy to figure out what everything was at home.  

ChiKo Bethesda

7280 Woodmont Avenue

Bethesda, MD 20814

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Takeout Tuesday - Jinya Ramen Bar Pike & Rose - Chef's Special Spicy Mazemen

I recently caught the tail end of the last Chef's Special noodle dish at Jinya Ramen Bar, which was a spicy Mazemen (brothless noodles that you mix together with the toppings).  The components of the dish are packed into separate containers for takeout, so it was easy to put everything back together at home.   The seasoned thick noodles were topped with a lot of stuff - bonito flakes, pork Chashu, nori, Kimchi, green onion, and of course the delicious soft seasoned egg!  This was really flavorful and had so much texture, I really enjoyed this one.  I hope they bring this one back - or another similar Mazemen dish - again soon! 

Jinya Ramen Bar - Pike & Rose
910 Prose Street
North Bethesda, MD 20852

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Takeout Tuesday - Tatte Bakery and Cafe in Bethesda, MD

Thank you to Tatte Bakery and Cafe for the opportunity to check out the new Bethesda, MD location for takeout!  I had heard only great things about Tatte Bakery and Cafe and I'm so excited to have one close by to enjoy.  For the friends and family night I got to choose a few items to enjoy at home, and have really enjoyed everything so far.  The space is gorgeous with so many little details in the presentation, especially all of the takeout-friendly packaged treats.  The menu is extensive with pastries, cakes, all-day items, brunch, and dinner all covered.  There's definitely something for everyone, and I'm already looking forward to seeing what I can try next after they officially open tomorrow, March 3rd!

Croissant, Biscuit with house made jam

Berry cheesecake cup

Za'atar chicken with tomato Orzo

Note: This was a friends and family event and the food was complimentary, but I was not paid for this post.


Tatte Bakery and Cafe

7276 Wisconsin Avenue

Bethesda, MD 20814

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Takeout Tuesday - Bethesda Bagels' Black History Month Bagel


These amazing looking bagels are available every weekend this month at Bethesda Bagels in honor of Black History Month, with half of all sales going to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture.  I picked up a few to enjoy/freeze, and they are even more vibrant in person!  Be sure to head over to pick these up this weekend if you're interested. 

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Takeout Tuesday - Sunday Morning Bakehouse's Valentine Box

How cute is this Valentine's Day themed sweets box from Sunday Morning Bakehouse?  This was a special pre-order along with a few other themed items this past weekend, and I loved the variety of sweets that the box included.  This box included a brownie, two meringues, a Linzer cookie, a brown sugar cinnamon "Pop-Tart", a homemade "Oreo", two sugar cookies, and a Rice Krispie treat.  So festive and everything I've had so far has been delicious! 


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Takeout Tuesday - Dough Boy Fresh Pretzel Co. Pop-Up at Carmen's Italian Ice

A while back Carmen's Italian Ice in Rockville hosted a Dough Boy Fresh Pretzel Co. pop-up outside their store, and it was a great day of sweet and savory takeout!  I honestly didn't know too much about them but after seeing their offerings online I knew I had to check it out.

On the top we have their regular salted pretzel bites and the bottom container is their Rad Knots with pizza and garlic flavor.  The soft pretzel bites were crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside.  Even the "plain" salted ones were buttery and delicious with every bite.  And of course the pizza-based Rad Knots had that great tang from the marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese throughout.  

Currently Carmen's is still carrying the regular pretzel bites along with a side of their delicious custard on their menu, which sounds like the perfect combination of sweet and salty treats! 


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Takeout Tuesday - Lady Gaga Oreos

A different sort of Takeout Tuesday this week - I am so excited that I found the new full packs of the Lady Gaga Oreos!!  I finally found the mini packs at 7-11 recently, but I was really looking forward to finding these bright pink packs once they were out in stores.  

The package is a bright metallic pink color so it was very easy to spot on the shelf! The cookies are pink cookies with green creme to go with the Chromatica album theme, but taste-wise they are just different colored Golden Oreos (thankfully, haha).  I love that they did a special collaboration for the Chromatica album in such a fun and creative way and of course I always love trying out a new type of Oreo cookie! 


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Takeout Tuesday - ChiKo Bethesda

A big welcome to ChiKo on their newest location in downtown Bethesda, MD!  I am a big fan of ChiKo but haven't been able to enjoy their food as I have not been traveling to DC at all recently.  I was very excited when the news came out about their MD location, and of course I had to get takeout on their opening night last Friday!  

Online ordering is very easy to navigate and two things stood out to me: being able to choose a later pickup time, and the option to add utensils.  The utensil one might seem small but since I am always eating at home I always feel like it's such a waste to have a bunch of utensil packs going unused.  

Now onto the food! I got three menu items that I have enjoyed before and they were as delicious as I remembered.  I am really looking forward to getting more takeout from them soon!

Dry spiced double-fried chicken wings

Soy glazed brisket

Half-a-cado salad


ChiKo Bethesda

7280 Woodmont Avenue

Bethesda, MD 

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Takeout Tuesday - Shake Shack's Korean-Style Fried Chick'n Sandwich

As soon as I saw that Shake Shack was bringing some of their South Korean Shack's Korean-inspired menu items to the US for a limited time I knew I had to go check it out!  I got the Korean-Style Fried Chick'n sandwich, which consists of "Gochujang- glazed crispy chicken breast over our white kimchi slaw featuring Choi's Kimchi Co. on our classic Martin's potato roll".

I already love the crispy chick'n sandwich at Shake Shack so I knew that this one would be great, to be honest. Adding a sweet spicy glaze with the Gochujang and a kimchi-based slaw sounded even better! My only complaint is that I wish there was more kimchi slaw included because I think it would've added even more texture.  If you're interested in trying the Korean-style menu be sure to check them out soon as they're only available for a limited time.


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