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Lunchtime Links for April 20th, 2016

Sip by S'well at Target

In addition to mugs, I also have a strong affinity towards water bottles - there are always so many fun designs coming out all the time!  So of course I was super excited to hear that S'well was coming out with a special collection at Target called Sip by S'well.  And, to make things even better my local store had them out before the official release date so I could check them out in person.


As you can see there's a wide range of solid colors and patterned bottles in the collection, and they're all super cute.  I tried to limit myself but of course wound up buying a few, including a solid green (cut off on the top left of the first photo), the watermelon, and lemon bottles.  They hold both cold and hot water and keep things at the right temperature for a long time which is really nice.  I have used them both at work and while out running errands for the day, and it's easy to slip in to my purse so I don't have to buy something to drink while I'm out.  All Targets should have this collection out by now, and they are also available online! 

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Paper Source - Rosé Mug

I need a new mug like a hole in the head, but it was VERY difficult to not immediately purchase this Rosé mug at Paper Source!  Surprisingly, I actually have not purchased it yet but I still have my eye on it every time I go to my local store, haha.  

I love that it has also recently been displayed alongside a lot of other Rosé themed gifts which are all super cute, including a mini pouch.  I think this mug would be perfect for the office or weekend brunch at home! 

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Duck Donuts - Rockville, MD

I've driven past the storefront for the new Duck Donuts by me a few times in the last couple of weeks, and even pulled up to park and then find out they weren't open yet... until now!  I was running some errands in the area and saw a few people standing by the door and people inside the store, so of course I had to make a detour on my way home to stop in and check them out.  

I've never been to a Duck Donuts before but I had heard about how good they are, so I was looking forward to seeing what their doughnuts were like.  The smell hits you first - fried dough and sweet toppings - mmm, so good.  There's a stack of order forms and pencils so you can figure out what combinations of coatings and toppings you want, and once you pay you can work your way down the line to see the doughnut making in action.  It's clearly a much smaller operation than say a Krispy Kreme doughnut manufacturing line, but still fun to watch each doughnut get fried and topped before heading out the door.  

From the top we have the Glazed, Peanut Butter Icing with Peanuts, and this day's special flavor Cinnamon Bun doughnuts.  They are made fresh and hot when you get the box, so it's really difficult to not dive right in!  A fresh doughnut really is so, so good - I can see why a lot of people just eat them in the store and can't wait until they get home! The reheated doughnuts weren't quite the same as fresh, but you still got the warm, delicious flavor.  

On another visit, we have a Chocolate Icing with Rainbow Sprinkles and this day's special flavor Reese's - these were really awesome too! Especially the Reese's for me, as it had a thick coating of the chocolate and peanut butter icing all over the doughnut that you couldn't even see the doughnut hole haha.  I've been raving about these doughnuts since my first visit and I definitely anticipate many more with friends! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Lunchtime Links for April 1st, 2016

National Letterwriting Month + Write On Campaign

Happy April everyone! I didn't find this out until recently, but April is national letter writing month which is perfect for someone like me that loves to send cards!

A few months ago I also heard about this great "Write On" campaign from Hello Lucky to send 30 cards in 30 days, and of course I thought it was a fun idea :o)  There's nothing to officially sign up for, and the main intention is just to get people to send more real mail out.  Whether you participate in the full 30 days or not, it's a great incentive to send mail to friends and family to brighten up their day!