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Kyoto Matcha - Rockville Town Square

I was recently over in Rockville Town Square and realized that I was right by the Kyoto Matcha cafe, which I had been meaning to check out.  Even on a freezing cold day, the cafe was packed with customers enjoying their pretty looking treats!  

I decided to go with something quick for this visit and got the mix soft serve with matcha and brown sugar flavors.  The soft serve is so pretty especially with the bright green matcha color, and tasted delicious!  They have a very large menu with lots of unique options - I will definitely have to come back soon to try out their other menu items. 

Kyoto Matcha 
Rockville Town Square 
33 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850

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Weathering With You

I saw Weathering With You last week during a fan preview event, and I'm so happy that the movie will continue to be screened in the US now!  This Japanese anime film is by Makoto Shinkai, the director of the huge hit Your Name.  The animation work is so amazing especially on the big screen, and even if you're not a big anime person I think anyone would love the story!  Be sure to check it out while it's screening in theaters, because it's a great film!

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Sunday Morning Bakehouse - Coffee Cream Brioche Doughnut

I have really been enjoying all of the new flavors that Sunday Morning Bakehouse has been putting out recently - especially the fun doughnut variations!  

I saw these Coffee Cream Brioche doughnuts on their Instagram page over the weekend, and of course I had to go try one since I love coffee flavored sweets.  

Their regular Brioche doughnut is already delicious, but the addition of the rich coffee cream inside really made this a perfect weekend treat!  I really loved how smooth the cream was, and I love that it was like tasting a coffee and doughnut in one bite.  I hope they bring this one back again as I'm sure it'll quickly become a crowd favorite!

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Sumo Citrus Season is Here!

Just a quick note to let you know about this important update - SUMO CITRUS SEASON IS BACK!!!  It might sound silly to be excited about oranges, haha - but these big ole mandarin oranges are really delicious!  I came across this display at my local Whole Foods and I was very excited to see that they were back in stores.  I also love that they're also called Dekopon mandarins originating in Japan, in reference to the protruding bump on the top of each of these huge mandarins.  If you have never had these before I highly recommend trying them out at least once - they are pricey but totally worth it!  

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Starbucks Target - New Collection

I came across these new mugs and tumblers at a Target Starbucks recently, and they are all so cute!  I especially love the ones for the Year of the Rat - Starbucks usually has cute designs like this for non-US stores, so it was a fun surprise to see these.  

And of course I had to get the Valentine's Day version of the glass handle mug, with tiny little heart "sprinkles" inside the handle - too cute! Be sure to check out both standalone Starbucks and in-store Starbucks locations as they have different designs available!   

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Georgetown Cupcake - January Flavors

The start of a new year = a new set of monthly special flavors at Georgetown Cupcake!  Here are the flavors available this month:

- Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge: Chocolate cupcake cored and filled with fudge and topped with a marshmallow buttercream frosting, fudge star drizzle and sparkly white fondant snowflake

- Chocolate S'more Chip: Graham cupcake studded with chocolate chips, cored and filled with marshmallow crème, dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with a sparkly white fondant snowflake

- Hot Cocoa: Georgetown Cupcake's Valrhona chocolate cupcake, stuffed with marshmallow, and topped with a Callebaut milk chocolate buttercream frosting, Callebaut dark chocolate curls, and a white fondant snowflake

- Black & White: Valrhona chocolate cupcake studded with white Callebaut chocolate chips and topped with a twist of Callebaut white chocolate buttercream and Callebaut chocolate whipped ganache frosting

- Cookies & Creme Cheesecake: Cookies and Creme cheesecake with cookie crust and cookie-infused buttercream frosting, topped with cookie crumbles

- Chocolate S'more Cheesecake: Valrhona chocolate cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, topped with a marshmallow buttercream frosting, crushed graham crackers, and a chocolate fudge drizzle.

- Rainbow: Classic Madagascar vanilla cupcake infused with rainbow nonpareils and topped with a baby blue-tinted Madagascar vanilla buttercream frosting, and a sour candy rainbow

- Unicorn: Georgetown Cupcake's classic Madagascar vanilla cupcake infused with nonpareils and topped with purple-tinted Madagascar vanilla buttercream frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and a whimsical fondant unicorn

- 2020 Confetti Vanilla: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla & Vanilla Buttercream cupcake decorated with edible New Year's party confetti and a gold fondant disc embossed with '2020'

- Happy New Year Confetti Chocolate: Valrhona Chocolate & Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Buttercream cupcake decorated with edible New Year's party confetti and a gold fondant disc embossed with 'Happy New Year'

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