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Takeout Tuesday - Bethesda Bagels' Black History Month Bagel


These amazing looking bagels are available every weekend this month at Bethesda Bagels in honor of Black History Month, with half of all sales going to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture.  I picked up a few to enjoy/freeze, and they are even more vibrant in person!  Be sure to head over to pick these up this weekend if you're interested. 

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Takeout Tuesday - Sunday Morning Bakehouse's Valentine Box

How cute is this Valentine's Day themed sweets box from Sunday Morning Bakehouse?  This was a special pre-order along with a few other themed items this past weekend, and I loved the variety of sweets that the box included.  This box included a brownie, two meringues, a Linzer cookie, a brown sugar cinnamon "Pop-Tart", a homemade "Oreo", two sugar cookies, and a Rice Krispie treat.  So festive and everything I've had so far has been delicious! 


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Takeout Tuesday - Dough Boy Fresh Pretzel Co. Pop-Up at Carmen's Italian Ice

A while back Carmen's Italian Ice in Rockville hosted a Dough Boy Fresh Pretzel Co. pop-up outside their store, and it was a great day of sweet and savory takeout!  I honestly didn't know too much about them but after seeing their offerings online I knew I had to check it out.

On the top we have their regular salted pretzel bites and the bottom container is their Rad Knots with pizza and garlic flavor.  The soft pretzel bites were crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside.  Even the "plain" salted ones were buttery and delicious with every bite.  And of course the pizza-based Rad Knots had that great tang from the marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese throughout.  

Currently Carmen's is still carrying the regular pretzel bites along with a side of their delicious custard on their menu, which sounds like the perfect combination of sweet and salty treats! 


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Takeout Tuesday - Lady Gaga Oreos

A different sort of Takeout Tuesday this week - I am so excited that I found the new full packs of the Lady Gaga Oreos!!  I finally found the mini packs at 7-11 recently, but I was really looking forward to finding these bright pink packs once they were out in stores.  

The package is a bright metallic pink color so it was very easy to spot on the shelf! The cookies are pink cookies with green creme to go with the Chromatica album theme, but taste-wise they are just different colored Golden Oreos (thankfully, haha).  I love that they did a special collaboration for the Chromatica album in such a fun and creative way and of course I always love trying out a new type of Oreo cookie! 


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