Friday, March 23, 2012

Birch and Barley Brunch

How can one say no to a "boozy brunch", honestly?

I had a great first meal at Birch & Barley earlier this year- pastries and baked goods are definitely the restaurant's strong suit, so brunch was a great way to try out a few of their dishes!

I started the meal with drink #1, a grapefruit mimosa, as well as the fried donut holes.

I believe these were Nutella-glazed, Maple bacon, and Poppyseed?

The restaurant sent out a gratis Sausage and Peppers flatbread for us, which was delicious and very much appreciated.  The flatbread dough was soft but still had a little chew to it, which I really liked.  

Yummmmmmmmmmm... PRETZEL ROLL!  Here is my entree, the Fried Egg BLT, in which their version is with pork belly, arugula, and tomato.  Normally this comes with a side of fries; however I swapped that out for a side salad which added some veggies and a slightly less "I'm going to die" feeling from eating this, haha.  The pork belly was rich and super tasty- however the pretzel roll was amazeballs and definitely held its own against the other inside ingredients. 

Finally, here is cocktail #2, the Michelada, which I believe is a Bloody Mary made with beer.  YUM.  This was so good and I'm so glad I tried it.  Although, I pretty much figured I would since I like tomato juice and beer to begin with, haha.

Overall this was a delicious and fun brunch with friends, and I'd highly recommend coming here for brunch if you are in the area!

Birch and Barley
1337 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005


  1. swoon! haven't been to brunch at birch & barley in ages. that "roll" looks like it'd cause me to roll all the way home :)

    1. Save 1/2 for later like I did and enjoy it all over again, haha!

  2. Holy cow that entree looks amazeballs! I heart pork belly...haha ;D