Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buzz Bakery: Cookie Monster Cupcake


As many of you may know, I'm a huge fan of Oreos - so it shouldn't be a surprise that I really like cookies and cream cupcakes as well!  

I picked up this Cookie Monster cupcake after dinner with friends at Buzz Bakery's Arlington, VA location.  I couldn't find an official cupcake description, but the cake has a ball of cookie dough in the center, cookies and cream frosting, and a mini cookie sandwich on top!  

Unfortunately the mini cookie wasn't the best thing to try first, as what I thought were chocolate chips were actually raisins.  Isn't that the WORST?! Well, if you don't like raisins that is, haha.  The frosting was great and the cookie dough in the middle was a fun little surprise.  I'm not sure I would get this again - something about the cake tasted a little off to me, but that could've been a one-off situation as well.  They do have lots of sweets in each of their locations though so definitely check them out if you're nearby!

Buzz Bakery - Ballston

818 N. Quincy Street

Arlington, Virginia, 22217

Phone: 703.650.9676