Thursday, June 13, 2013

J.Crew iPhone Backup Battery

Generally speaking, I'm pretty good about charging my phone, but I still wanted to try out this J.Crew backup battery to have on hand for emergencies.  Also, it came in a bunch of cute colors, which always helps.

The main (obvious) key here is to make sure you charge this backup battery before you actually need it - which sounds dumb but I feel like it's necessary to spell out, haha.  Once it is charged, just throw it into your purse for an easy way of charging your phone on the go.  It does make the phone a bit bulky to hold (since it plugs into the bottom of your phone, adding some extra length), so I'd recommend charging it in your purse or when you're not using it right away.  I really liked having this while I was in Japan, when I'd be out all day and wanting to photograph everything in sight.  The hot pink color of the one that I got also makes it easy to find in my cavernous pit of a tote bag :o)

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