Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shake Shack - Salted Surrealism Custard

I managed to try two out of the three Phillips Collection/Shake Shack collaboration custards, which isn't all that bad- especially considering the one I didn't try had a coconut custard base......... yeahhhhhhhh. 

This one was called the Salted Surrealism custard: Inspired by Jean Dubuffet featuring salted caramel banana frozen custard blended with dark chocolate fudge ripple.

Now this one, I could definitely be happy with trying out. I love salted caramel, bananas, and chocolate - so this was an instant winner in my book.  It was rich, creamy, and like a chocolate covered banana in custard form.  This would be an excellent combo to make at home if you like these flavors as well!