Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Items

Every year I look forward to accumulating new holiday stuff, and this year was no exception.  

I love the new holiday gingerbread house stamps - they are super cute and festive for holiday cards!

After Thanksgiving I popped into Sur La Table and spent some time perusing their fun food-themed ornaments.  A 30% off sale didn't hurt!

I picked up this cute macaron ornament for my tree - it said "Lemon" on the tag, but I'll pretend it's vanilla, haha.

Finally - none of these mugs are new, but as you can see I'm a big fan of holiday themed mugs! Some have been office party prizes, while others have been ones that I bought during the holidays in the past. The big one on the left and two up top are from Starbucks; the reindeer mug is from Target; and the skating gingerbread man is from Crate & Barrel. 

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