Monday, January 7, 2019

Sugarfina Fukubukuro Surprise Bag

I was so happy to see that Sugarfina offered their Fukubukuro surprise bags at the beginning of this year, because it's always fun to see what flavors I get in the mystery bag!  "Fukubukuro" are surprise or mystery bags that are regularly offered in the New Year in Japan - lots of different brands offer bags and packages for a set price that are worth more than what you pay for. 

For this Sugarfina bag, I got the $35 version, which came with everything you see above, plus the taster bag of Bourbon Bears that was the monthly member freebie.  This is such a fun way to try out some of the candies that I don't normally check out in the store, and also make for some great gifts too. I hope they keep offering the surprise bags in the future too!

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