Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Target - Smartly Citrus Grove Products

Ah, the power of social media, haha.  I started to see a few Instagram stories on TargetDoesItAgain's page about Target's Smartly Citrus Grove products being VERY similar to the Capri Blue Volcano products sold at Anthropologie.  It's a very popular scent (if you've been inside an Anthropologie store you'll likely know it, haha), so I was very curious to check out the Smartly products!

On my first trip it was a little difficult to find the Smartly products, but I did come across the dish soap in the Citrus Grove scent later on.  It really does smell a lot like the Volcano candles!  I've since also purchased the larger cleaner spray as well, so I am very happy to have found these.  If you're also a fan of "the Anthropologie scent", be sure to check these out at your local Target.

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