Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shake Shack - Bee Mine Custard and Valentine

Shake Shack offered a lovely little gift to fans on Valentine's Day this year, yet another reason why I love them so.  When I asked about the Facebook post from earlier that day, the cashier handed me this lovely little valentine (below).  This coupon is good for a free custard between now and the end of March, woo!

I also went to try the Bee Mine custard, which is a Strawberry honey custard with a touch of rose water.  The custard reminded me a lot of a peach or strawberry frozen yogurt at first, for some reason seeming a lot lighter than their usual custards.  I enjoyed this flavor, although I didn't really get much of a honey flavor like I had originally expected.  If you're a fan of fruit smoothies like I am, I think you will like the Bee Mine as well! 

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