Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - Sweet Celebrations Book Signing, 10.14.2012

Last winter, the owners of Georgetown Cupcake came out with their first cookbook/memoir, The Cupcake Diaries, which is filled with lots of their popular cupcake recipes and stories about how Georgetown Cupcake built up to such a great success.  With their second book, Sweet Celebrations, there are lots of special occasion recipes, as well as more stories about the sisters' celebrations growing up.  The book has different recipes for events like birthdays, weddings, holidays, dinner parties, and much more, including behind-the-scenes stories from their DC Cupcakes show.

Luckily, I was in town for the book signing stop in Bethesda, so of course I had to go!  S and I met up and saw Katherine and Sophie do a Q&A with the audience (lots of little kids asked questions, as expected in this area, haha), followed by a book signing segment.

The best part of the book signing was finding out that the sisters knew who I was!  Well, to clarify, they knew who I was once I told them about this blog and how I tweet about their cupcakes all the time, haha.  It was still really fun to know that they have seen my blog posts about their cupcakes before!  So, Georgetown Cupcake, if you are reading this now, please keep coming up with new flavors for me to review :o)