Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Macarons

Oh, Trader Joe's, you have done it again! Now, I'm not sure if these pumpkin macarons are totally new, but I'm pretty sure they are because I've never really heard much about them in the past.  I have tried their vanilla and chocolate macarons  before which are great, so of course I was excited to try the pumpkin version!

I'm pretty sure that these are meant to be defrosted before consumption, but I actually really like these frozen as well, haha.  I find these to have a really strong true pumpkin flavor, more so than a pumpkin pie/spice-forward flavor, which I like.  Now, texture-wise, these will not really replace a macaron from a bakery, but I still think they taste pretty great. They're a great little seasonal treat to have around for a snack or a small dessert.  Thank you Trader Joe's for yet another great pumpkin item!


  1. I saw these in their flyer and I just haven't had time to go and get them, along with all their other pumpkin product. I'm so excited! And I eat them frozen too. I never have the patience to wait. heehee

  2. I forgot to try this over the weekend! I will have to pick them up here.