Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scoutmob DC - Kushi Brunch

A few weeks ago N and I met up at Kushi for their Scoutmob brunch.  I have been to Kushi before for dinner, but I was excited to check out their relatively new brunch menu.  While Kushi offers their own brunch, earlier this year they offered a special brunch through Scoutmob DC, which I was pretty excited about.  With all the food we got, this was a great deal!  

Yuzu orange mimosa
We also started the set brunch with an order of edamame (not pictured).

Sushi brunch plate (I chose the salmon avocado roll out of a bunch of roll options), hiya-yakko (cold tofu), pickles

Dessert to share - Black sesame gelato

Overall this was a great brunch with lots of tasty food that I LOVE (especially sushi, no surprises there).  The black sesame gelato was surprisingly very creamy and N noted that it tasted similar to peanut butter, which I agreed with.  I'm really glad I got to try Kushi's brunch thanks to the Scoutmob deal, and I would love to come back again! 


  1. Love brunch! So the gelato tasted more like peanut butter than black sesame?

    1. It had that same nuttiness as PB, so bizarre!