Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anthropologie Latte Bowls

Every time I go into Anthropologie, I'm always drawn to their housewares/kitchen items.  I used to have the Latte bowls a while back, but lost them at some point between roommates and moving.  I've always wanted to get another set of them but never really went through with it.  During a recent Anthropologie sale online, I figured I would finally just BUY THE LATTE BOWLS, ALREADY haha.

In addition to the "regular" Latte bowls, I also bought the set of eight Mini Latte bowls because they just looked too cute to pass up.  I decided on the Multicolored set to add some nice pops of color into my kitchen.  While I would like to say that the Mini size is good for portion control of ice cream and candy... realistically, that may not be the case for me, haha.  However they are a cute little size for dips, snacks, and other foods that you want a cute little container for. 

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