Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Artifact Coffee - Baltimore, MD

I had a great time checking out Artifact Coffee in Baltimore, Maryland with my friend S recently.  It's a super cute, low-key spot to grab a cup of coffee, or a casual brunch like we did.  The space is small but there's a good amount of seating throughout the space, including a big communal table which is where we sat for our visit.  The service was friendly and we never felt rushed - I look forward to trying out more of their food and drinks soon!

"Market" wall with lots of items for sale

Japanese-style cold brew iced coffee + Maple latte

House made English muffin with butter and jam + Cold noodles, radish, rutabaga, carrot, micro mizuna, cilantro, peanut sauce, benne seeds

Gingerbread with pecan buttercream + Chocolate doughnut

Coffee + Doughnuts display

Artifact Coffee
1500 Union Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211