Friday, May 29, 2015

Lunchtime Links for May 29th, 2015

NYC Visit - Doughnuts

I spent Memorial Day Weekend up in NYC to visit friends, and had a great time with some great weather!  I honestly wasn't planning on it being so doughnut-centric, but hey, not complaining.

On Saturday we took the ferry out to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, where there were TONS of food lovers checking out all of the different vendors.  There's a lot of different foods to choose from, but I definitely wanted to get a doughnut from Dough.

I took this beautiful Cafe au Lait doughnut back with us from Smorgasburg, and we tucked into it as a late afternoon snack. This was - AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.  So, so delicious.  The hours of being carried around outside in a paper bag still left the doughnut tasting fresh and really tasty.  This flavor is "A blend of fresh roasted coffee beans and pecan brown sugar tops our signature glaze."  The topping was crunchy, sugary, and amazing, but the doughnut itself was fantastic too, it was sturdy without feeling heavy, and not greasy tasting at all.  I definitely want to try more of their doughnuts again! 

Then, the morning of my departure, my friends and I hit up Doughnut Plant, which I LOVE.  As you can see there were lots of flavors to choose from that morning! 

Here we have from top to bottom - Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Jam, Tres Leches, and the Coffee Cake doughnut.  They were all delicious, but my heart might belong to the Coffee Cake doughnut - it's got such an intense coffee flavor, and the crunchy topping is awesome. 

Of course I couldn't just buy one doughnut - I had to get two more to bring home, haha.  Here we have the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut and Chocolate Hazelnut Doughseed.  I loved the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut both for the flavor and texture, it's perfect for any chocolate fans.  The Chocolate Hazelnut Doughseed was good too, but I think I preferred the doughnut base of the other ones moreso than the lighter Doughseed base.  As you can see, I had a delicious and fun weekend with friends!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lunchtime Links for May 28th, 2015

Kit Kat - Orange

I'm the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of fruit-based sweets, but of course curiosity beats actual preferences for me in most cases, haha.  

I got these Japanese Orange Kit Kats a while back and was surprised that they were not white chocolate based.  I guess I assumed that the fruit flavored Kit Kats would automatically have a white chocolate base, but as you can see on the box, these look like the regular milk chocolate Kit Kats on the outside.  The orange smell isn't too strong, but you can definitely taste it once you take a bite.  They reminded me a lot of those chocolate oranges that stores sell during the holidays - the ones where you smack the "orange" on a table to crack it open into segments.  I like oranges, and chocolate, but more so separately than together like this, haha.  But, if you already like those chocolate oranges, you will definitely like this Kit Kat flavor :o) 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lunchtime Links for May 27th, 2015

Georgetown Cupcake - Raspberry Peach Cupcake

This recent free secret flavor was a fun variation on Georgetown Cupcake's regular fruit-based cupcakes! This consists of a raspberry cake topped with peach frosting.  As you can see, there's plenty of fruit throughout, especially in the peach frosting with the little orange-ish bits.  The combination of raspberry and peach reminded me of both fruit iced tea and Popsicles, haha.  The flavors work really well together, and since it's fruit-based this is totally healthy, right? 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015