Friday, April 27, 2012

Shake Shack - PB & J Custard


Another new (to me) Shake Shack custard, woohoo! 

This one is the PB & J custard, which I was a little iffy about - mainly because I'm not a huge jelly/jam/fruit topping type of fan.  But, that turned out to be a non-issue, as you might be able to tell from the photo above... my cup was about 99.999999999% peanut butter custard and a smidge of jelly, hahaha.  The peanut butter custard was awesome, super creamy and really peanutty (go figure).  

I have to say, if you're actually a peanut butter AND jelly fan, it may not be so great, depending on what type of scoop you get.  But for me, this was great, hah!


  1. It feels sort of silly to admit, but I'd never heard of Shake Shack until yesterday -- a fellow blogger posted a recipe similar to one of their marshmallow shakes! I'm definitely intrigued now. Though I live outside D.C. and could get one in town, I'm going to be in NYC this weekend -- am already scoping out a time to visit one! This looks great!

    1. I hope you were able to try Shake Shack in NYC!