Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taylor Gourmet - Washington Square Salad + Chocolate Chip Cookie

Recently, Taylor Gourmet announced three new spring salads, and I was excited to try them all out!  I started off with this Washington Square: Romaine hearts, watermelon, tomato, red onion, goat cheese, basil vinaigrette.  I was wondering if this salad might be too watery with the tomato and watermelon, but all of the components went REALLY well together, especially with the addition of the basil vinaigrette.  I'm not quite sure exactly what is in this dressing, but dayyyyyyyyyyyyyym, it is GOOD.  I would definitely order this fresh and light salad again!

While I was there, I also decided to try one of their chocolate chip cookies.  First of all, the cookie was huge, haha.  There was an ample amount of chocolate chips in each bite of the buttery cookie.  While my focus at Taylor is obviously the hoagies and salads- it's always nice to have a sweet option available!

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