Thursday, February 28, 2013

Georgetown Cupcake - Baby Blue Vanilla and Baby Pink Vanilla Cupcakes

This post serves as a reminder (to myself) that thinking that you blogged about something doesn't always mean you actually did in real life, haha.  A looooong time ago I got these baby themed cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake for my friend T's unofficial DC baby shower.  Since they did not know the sex of their baby, I got an assortment of both pink and blue fondant toppers in various animal shapes.  With any special orders, fondant toppers are offered at no extra charge, which is a nice bonus. 

Also included in the cupcake assortment are the Baby Blue Vanilla (bottom left) and Baby Pink (top center) cupcakes, which are special order only.  Both the Baby Blue and Baby Pink Vanilla cupcakes are "tinted traditional sweet vanilla buttercream frosting on a Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake".  Taste-wise these are not that different from the regular Vanilla Squared cupcakes (just buttercream frosting instead of cream cheese frosting), but I did want to share these to show how cute their baby-themed cupcakes are :o) 

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