Monday, November 11, 2013

Trader Joe's - Pumpkin Items

Right at the beginning of the pumpkin lineup coming out at Trader Joe's, I made sure to stop in to check out all of the fun goodies.  This visit, I picked up a box of frozen pumpkin waffles, pumpkin Greek yogurt, and pumpkin body butter.  Yes, you read that right, pumpkin body butter, haha.  

As strange as it might sound initially, it's a rich whipped consistency with a lightly spiced scent. The pumpkin waffles and yogurt are delicious, and you can eat them together for that extra pumpkin taste, haha.  I don't always have frozen waffles on hand, but they are convenient for breakfast at work when I'm in a hurry too, since we have a toaster oven available in the office. There are always new pumpkin items at Trader Joe's every year, so it's always fun to see what's out!