Friday, October 21, 2016

Old Navy Sweatshirts

Old Navy has had a great selection of activewear and loungewear recently, with lots of cute designs!  I stopped in earlier this week and came across two in particular that I thought were fun:

I loved the coral-pink color of this sweatshirt, and also that the font was pretty small for being one of those "quote shirts", which made it a little unique.  

As soon as I saw this "Hello There" sweatshirt on the mannequin, I knew I wanted it!  Unfortunately there were none of these below or close to the mannequin that had this sweatshirt, and as I looked around I was starting to wonder if this was the only one available.  But then, I went into the clearance section and someone had left behind the sweatshirt in my size no less, woo!  Unfortunately it was not actually on clearance which would've been a nice bonus, but I was happy to find one at all.  It's super soft and cozy, perfect for fall and winter weekends! 

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