Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Georgetown Cupcake - Hot Cocoa Cupcake

This Hot Cocoa cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake was available under a different name over Christmas a few months ago, but I was very happy to see it back on the menu in January! 

Georgetown Cupcake's Valrhona chocolate cupcake, stuffed with marshmallow, and topped with a Callebaut milk chocolate buttercream frosting, Callebaut dark chocolate curls, and a white fondant snowflake 

Anyone that loves chocolate will of course enjoy this one - and with the addition of marshmallow it really does mimic the taste of hot cocoa really well.  I especially loved the marshmallow filling, and the little dark chocolate curls on top of the frosting, so good!  Unfortunately this was available only as a January flavor, but I hope they bring it back again soon as a secret flavor! 

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