Friday, June 22, 2018

9th Blogiversary + Georgetown Cupcake!

Today marks 9 years of blogging here, hooray!  It's been a great experience finding fun new items, especially foods to write about!  While I am not writing about anything groundbreaking, I enjoy having an outlet to "talk" online about delicious eats and random store finds. 

For this anniversary date, what better way to "celebrate" than with some June Georgetown Cupcake flavors!  Up top is the Caramel Cookies & Creme, which consists of a "Caramel cookies & crème cupcake topped with a caramel cookies & crème buttercream and topped with cookie crumble".  It's the perfect match up of caramel and cookies and creme mixed into one cupcake - I really enjoyed this one! There were big chunks of cookies mixed into the cake portion which is perfect for anyone that likes cookies and creme foods. 

On the bottom is the Peanut Butter Banana Marshmallow Fudge, which consists of a "Fresh banana cupcake cored and filled with marshmallow, topped with peanut butter frosting, a fudge star drizzle".  First, I have to say there's a LOT going on with this cupcake, haha.  It feels a little haphazard with four completely different tastes going into one cupcake.  That being said, I love Georgetown Cupcake's peanut butter frosting and that was definitely the highlight of this cupcake for me.  If you like variations on banana bread like chocolate chip or peanut butter, you'll love this one!

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