Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Georgetown Cupcake - Coffee Toffee + Chocolate Cubed Cupcakes

I recently tried the Coffee Toffee cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake, just before the menu switched over to the holiday flavors.  I also made it in time to get the free flavor as well - the Chocolate Cubed - which was a nice little bonus!

The Coffee Toffee cupcake consists of a "Coffee cupcake infused with crushed toffee and topped with a mocha frosting and crushed toffee".  In other words, if you like either of the main flavors, you will love this cupcake!  I especially loved the mocha frosting - so creamy and really delicious! The toffee bits were in both the cake and the frosting, so it was a great bit of texture in every bite.  I hope they bring this one back, maybe with other crushed candy combinations too.

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