Friday, December 4, 2009

ACKC + Kyotofu Goodies

After dinner at Rice, the three of us walked down the street to ACKC for some hot chocolate and to check out the store!  I had never been to ACKC before so I was pretty excited about it.  There's a LOT to take in when you walk into the small store- chocolate and other goodies EVERYWHERE!  Lots of cute wrapped gift-appropriate candies and chocolates, plus a wide selection of chocolates in the glass cases.  One thing that bothered me when I was looking around, though: there was a fly trapped in one of the chocolate cases, just flying around inside with all the chocolate.  It wasn't a huge issue per se but just sort of threw me off, I have to admit.  And it seemed sort of strange that none of the employees noticed it, because if you are continuously straightening up or cleaning around the store you definitely would've seen it.  Oh well.    


Vanilla Caramels + Honey Chipotle Chocolate Bar

I purchased these two items as gifts.  The Vanilla Caramels were given to I and B when they visited, and I brought the Honey Chipotle chocolate bar home for Thanksgiving.  The Honey Chipotle bar was crunchy, and definitely had a kick to it!  It was an interesting combo especially if you are into spicy + sweet things.  I also got a Lucy drink, which is on the menu as: "This fiery redhead starts with semi-sweet chocolate infused with chipotle and is topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon".  It was really spicy for the first couple of sips, definitely great for a cold night! 

Kyotofu Goodies!

N had just been to NYC and brought back all sorts of goodies from Kyotofu to share!  We split up most of the items so that I was able to try one of each.  We all shared the regular-sized Pumpkin-kabocha cupcake at ACKC, and I took home the following: 

- Genmai Almond Financier
- Matcha Almond Financier
- Ginger Spice Financier
- Black Sesame Shortbread Cookie
- 4-pack: Chocolate Soufflé, Matcha Green Tea, Yuzu-Vanilla, and Pumpkin-Kabocha

I had all of these over a few days and they were all delicious!  Since they're so small it's easy enough to snack on one or two without feeling too guilty, haha.  And the flavors are really intense for such a small package, so you really get a true taste of the ingredients and flavors.  Thanks N for being so generous with your Kyotofu stash!

1529C 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

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