Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rice - DC

Two weeks ago, N, her friend S, and I met up at Rice for dinner.  As you can see on the extensive menu, the restaurant is Thai-based but split into 3 sub-sections: Rice Specialty, Authentic Thai, and Healthy Green.  They also had a seasonal menu - which unfortunately for me was about 99% mushroom-based so I didn't really have to ponder over those for too long.  I was a little surprised at the lack of noodle-based dishes they offered for dinner- yes, I realize it's called Rice, but still, it's a Thai restaurant, and I tend to gravitate towards noodle dishes at Thai places.  Well, it was a good chance to make me order something different, haha. 

Appetizer: Spring Roll Rice-Style with Taro, Carrot, Celery

I really enjoyed these spring rolls, from the Healthy Green section.  I'm assuming the "healthy" portion really comes from what's inside these, because they were definitely still fried to a crisp.  They came out hot and crunchy on the outside.  The taro added an interesting texture, and I would definitely order these again. 

Entree: Spicy Duck with Thai Herbs and Crispy Wild Ginger

It took a while for me to decide on my entree, but I'm glad I went with the spicy duck.  I chose this mainly because duck isn't something I would cook at home myself, so I figured I could give it a try here.  The portion was more than ample, especially after the spring rolls and bites of the other appetizers that N and S had ordered.  I know the photo is pretty dark but there was large slices of duck mixed with herbs, really spicy peppercorns, and crispy ginger pieces throughout.  I love spicy foods but I really had to make sure to take out the peppercorns from the dish- it was definitely spicy enough as it was without having to actually eat around those, haha.  I did think the duck was a little too chewy/overcooked, but I feel like duck is something that can v. easily be overcooked, especially with a high-heat stir fry like this dish.     

...with a side of Rice

The entree came with this side of rice, which had some sort of flavoring to it that I couldn't put my finger on.  It was fine- I  mean it's just a plate of rice after all, haha.  It was definitely needed to balance out the sauciness/spicyness of the duck. 


<3 Leftovers

I figured this leftovers photo would give you a better idea of what the duck looked like, haha.  This was a wonderful lunch for the next day :o)

I'm glad I tried out this place and had an enjoyable dinner there.  My only issue would be the pricing, but that's because I am probably used to cheaper Thai places out in the suburbs, and not in the middle of DC.  While it's a casual spot, it definitely had a more modern/cozy atmosphere than other Thai restaurants, which also changes the price point in general.  Plus, it's a great option for dinner if you are planning on going to ACKC, right down the street, like we did!

Rice Restaurant
1608 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

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