Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Newseum + Tangysweet (Gallery Place)

View from the Newseum balcony. 

A few weekends ago P and I checked out the Newseum, the museum of news (go figure), and they weren't kidding with the name!  This place is packed with all sorts of interesting artifacts and tons of information about about a billion different historical events.  It was serious information overload, but seeing the actual objects that are a part of history was really great.  Definitely better than just reading signs about what happened, that's for sure.  There were, obviously, a good percentage of depressing things to see (being that it's a news/history-based collection), but overall an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.   The normal tickets are  $19.95 (adult), but I got tickets through Groupon for $10 each, which made it even better.

Original Tart Yogurt + Red Velvet Crumbles

After the Newseum, P and I walked down to the Penn Quarter location of Tangysweet, where I redeemed a half-price $50 gift card from LivingSocial and we each got original frozen yogurt with red velvet cake crumbles on top.  The yogurt and the red velvet cake were better separate vs. in a cup together.  The tangy yogurt doesn't really mesh well with sweets, in my opinion, so next time it'll be back to fresh strawberry topping for me! 

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  1. AHHHH Red velvet cake and frozen yogurt!! SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!