Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bourbon Steak Pork Party, 08.01.2010

Earlier this month S, D, and I headed over to Bourbon Steak in Georgetown for "Pork Party 2010", a celebration of all thing piggly-wiggly, haha.  Getting into the event to eat took a little while, but once we were in, the food was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!  Plenty of yummy food to go around, and the rain finally cleared up by the time the event started, woo!  I took a few food photos so you have an idea of what we gorged on, haha.  Check out the posts from Brightest Young Things and Examiner for more details and photos from the event.  Hope you enjoy the photos! 

Porkeos- chocolate cookies made with lard and filled with whipped lard icing.  Sounds weird but v. tasty.

Buffet line for the food.

Left plate: Grilled corn with pimento and blue cheese butter; Bourbon bacon potato salad.  Right plate: Country macaroni and cheese; Roasted pork, Bratwurst.


Some of the passed desserts: Piggy cupcakes, Peach cobbler, more Porkeos.


My Piggy cupcake had a v. indifferent/kinda sad face, haha. 

Finally, homemade ice cream with candied bacon sprinkles!!! SO SO good!!


  1. The piggy cupcakes are so cute!!!

  2. OMG, what a great afternoon. I might still smell like pork. But worth it.

  3. @michelle: I know, they were so so cute!

    @floridagirlindc: I think I dreamed about pork that night, haha.

  4. I'm super curious as to what that porkeo tasted like!

  5. @SNC: Mainly like chocolate and vanilla icing, with a tinge of pork fat/bacon-y smell to it. Probably couldn't eat a bunch of these at one time, but definitely interesting!