Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're Gonna Party Like It's (MY) Birthday

If I told you that I was one of those people that doesn't like to make a big deal about their birthdays, I'd be telling you a BIG FAT LIE, basically.  But since I can only say so much about my birthday (I'm really not that interesting, haha), I'd like to take this day to discuss some of my favorite birthday moments from tv shows:

- Lauren gets a surprise party for her birthday, which consists of her being trapped on a boat with her ex-BFF Heidi. (The Hills)
- Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, with "HOMER" engraved on it. (The Simpsons)
- Instead of giving her the weekend off like she had requested, Jeff commissions an unflattering oil painting of Zoila, his housekeeper, and gives her that for her birthday. (Flipping Out)
- Lauren gives Heidi a friggin Chanel handbag for her birthday (WANT). (The Hills, pre-Speidi)
- On Meg's 17th birthday, Peter and Lois don't remember her age. (Family Guy)
- Bart sings a "Happy Birthday" duet with "Michael Jackson" for Lisa. (The Simpsons)
- Jessica gets Nick a monthly keg supply of Miller Lite for his birthday. (Newlyweds)
- Michael tries to sing harmony to "Happy Birthday". (The Office)

Any TV birthday moments that you guys like?


  1. I loved that Flipping Out ep! When is your b-day? :)

  2. Niki Taylor is thrown a surprise birthday party and serenaded by the boys in Bravo's first season of "Make Me A Supermodel."

  3. P.S Half off at the Gap today on Groupon!

  4. @SNC: My birthday is today :o) And yes I LOVE "Flipping Out!"

  5. @lindelle: Ooh I forgot about that show, it was good!

    @Ilana: Thank you!

  6. Gossip Girl - All of Blair's drama filled, well dressed birthdays.

    Friends - Monica's surprise 30th birthday party, Phoebe discovering she's actually a year older than she thought... I could go on! Much better than the Simpsons!

  7. In SATC Carrie is at dinner alone(no one makes it BC traffic etc) then drops her cake in wet cement...f*** a ruined cake is my first thought..haha it's awful I think in pastry

  8. @Shannon: OF COURSE, how could I forget Blair's epic birthdays??

    @Ashley: I was hoping you'd say that one!! AKA my worst nightmare!

    @KandS: Thank you!