Thursday, August 12, 2010

essie St. Lucia Lilac Nail Polish


I normally tend to stick with pretty neutral colors of nail polish, pretty much because I'm lazy and neutral colors don't show as much when they start chipping, haha.  However, I was drawn to this essie St. Lucia Lilac color because it was an unique shade of purple without being too crazy.  Plus, I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond, so I could buy it with a 20% off coupon, woo!

I've tried this shade for both a manicure and a pedicure - while both looked great on, I'm finding that I like it better as a pedicure shade.  It takes a few coats (I think I did three) for it to get that fully opaque look, and lasted much longer as a pedicure.  I really like this shade also because it makes your skin look tanner against it, haha.  I'd definitely recommend this polish as a fun summer "sherbert"-y theme color!


  1. Ahhh good point about using BBB coupons for drugstore items! I have a ton I never use and forget they have toiletries there.

    As for nail colors, I love the crazy stuff! I've done black, dark blue, hot hot hot pink, etc. This purple is real nice though!

  2. @Michelle: Yeah def exciting since I have SO many of those BBB coupons, haha! Your nail polish colors sound fun! I only have a few blue/dark shades.

  3. Pretty color! *^_^* I had no idea that BBB sold Essie. Guess I'll be printing out that 20% coupon they just emailed me. Haha! ;)

    Btw, the Tarte bronzer didn't work out for me so I gifted it to my happy cousin. ;P Loved the texture though!

  4. That color is great! Reminds me I did not re-do my toes! :)

  5. @SNC: Yeah I didn't know either til a friend of mine told me recently! Too bad about the Tarte bronzer :o(

    @Shannon: Yeah it's a v. fun summer color!