Thursday, August 26, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Ginger Peach Cupcake

Behold, one of the new-new (as in not a repeat from previous years) monthly flavors, the Ginger Peach cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake. This cupcake consists of: "Classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with fresh peaches and topped with a ginger-infused vanilla frosting and a fondant flower". I wasn't really sure what to make of this flavor since ginger can be somewhat polarizing to the general population, plus I'm not a huge fruit + cream flavors person to begin with. 

Overall, this cupcake was v. light and v. tasty.  However, maybe it was just a fluke cupcake, but I couldn't really taste any discernable ginger or peach flavor from it.  It sorta tasted like a regular vanilla cupcake with a whiff of fruit, seriously.  Maybe my specific scoop of batter missed any larger chunks of fresh peaches, so it didn't really taste particularly peach-y?  Who knows.  It did taste a little fruity though so it was good enough for me, haha. If you're interested in trying out this flavor, go now, because it's only available through August (along with the Cherry Cheesecake flavor). 


  1. aww, i was looking forward to hearing about the ginger the most! maybe they need to do a ginger glaze or something... ginger could be hard to bake with in solid form.

  2. @nicole: Yeah it was tasty, but wasn't particularly ginger-y.

  3. Last week was my first time at Georgetown Cupcake. I tried a ginger peach cupcake and was unimpressed by it's bland flavor. Don't get me wrong, it was OK... if it were a plain vanilla cupcake. The fact that the peach and ginger flavors were nowhere to be found was disappointing. Maybe I got a fluke cupcake, or maybe my expectations were too high.

    I think the overly extravagant flavor names, ingredients and descriptions oversold me the cupcakes... bummer.

  4. @James: Sorry you didn't have a good experience! Hopefully another time you will try one that you do wind up liking.