Monday, April 14, 2014

Georgetown Cupcake - Sunshine Vanilla Cupcake

Occasionally, Georgetown Cupcake steps out of their mainly soft and pastel color scheme and brings out a pop of neon for their special cupcakes.  One example is this free Sunshine Vanilla cupcake that I received a while back, and if it's possible the frosting is even more bright in person, haha.  This is also called the Vanilla Sunshine cupcake on the current online menu; however I'm keeping this one as the way it was listed that day. 

While the electric yellow frosting definitely looks different from their standard vanilla frosting, this cupcake tastes just like the Vanilla Squared cupcake that is on the regular menu.  This can be special ordered at any point, and would make a fun base for Spring or Summer-themed cupcakes with cute decorations on top! 

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