Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kenwood, Maryland Cherry Blossoms

Yes, this is another set of cherry blossom photos, haha.  These cherry blossoms are from the Kenwood neighborhood by Bethesda, Maryland, and they are a not-so-secret "secret" spot for DC area folks to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.  Ever since I heard about this neighborhood a few years ago, I've made a point of checking it out at least once every season!  

If you are driving there, they are pretty strict about parking (rightfully so, in my opinion since it's a neighborhood), so I would recommend parking in Bethesda and walking briefly along the Capital Crescent Trail that hits right at the entrance to Kenwood.  There's always a ton of people checking out the cherry blossoms, but at a much more relaxed pace with plenty of space for everyone.