Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daikaya - Duck and Cold Somen

In the very beginning of July, Daikaya posted on their Facebook page: "We know you can't wait for our cold noodles either, so here's something to hold you over until then. We've got a special somen for Tanabata topped with duck, in the Izakaya through the 7th."  I love somen , and was excited to check it out when my mom and I went to Daikaya for dinner.

The thin noodles are nicely chilled thanks to the layer of ice on the bottom of the bowl, and topped with sliced duck breast, orange zest, leeks, and nori.  This was AWESOME.  The duck was delicious, and not too fatty or chewy like I've noticed with other duck dishes I've had before.  The addition of orange zest in the somen was pretty to look at, and complemented the duck perfectly.  I hope they bring this dish back again sometime soon!