Monday, July 14, 2014

Georgetown Cupcake App

Georgetown Cupcake launched their own app today, woohoo!  Of course I've already downloaded it and love the overall look of the app.

There are five menu items along the bottom: Pay, Locations, Rewards, Menu, and More.  If you already have a LevelUp account like I do, the login process is easy as it links to your existing account.  For every $100 spent using the app, you get $10 in rewards.  I am hoping that over time, Georgetown Cupcake will also provide surprises in the app, like I've seen with other companies that use LevelUp in their locations as well.  The Menu tab is really nice, with photos and a description of the daily, weekly, and monthly special flavors listed.  Take a look at the app if you have a Georgetown Cupcake near you!

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