Monday, June 22, 2015

6th Blogiversary & Georgetown Cupcake - Blond Chocolate Birthday Cupcake

Today marks 6 years since I started this blog- woohoo!  Thanks to those of you that come by and check out the posts here, I appreciate it!  And what better way to "celebrate" 6 years of blogging than a post about Georgetown Cupcake, haha.  

This Blond Chocolate Birthday cupcake is super cute to look at - I love the colorful round sprinkles that Georgetown Cupcake uses on their "birthday" cupcakes.  The chocolate cake is delicious as usual, but what really makes this cupcake stand out is the Blond Chocolate frosting.  It's not quite vanilla, not quite chocolate, but like a rich caramel-y frosting that is pretty awesome.  I love the combination of the Blond chocolate and the regular chocolate flavors, and I think just about anyone would love this one!   


  1. Yay!!! 6 years! Congratulations! Such a huge accomplishment!!!! :) :) :)