Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shake Shack - Holiday Ornament

I was very happy to see that Shake Shack offered a new Christmas ornament back in December, but this one took a little more work to get my hands on one.  In the same process as previous years, you could either buy the ornament separately, or get a free ornament with a $25+ gift card purchase. 

Long story short - the Shake Shack location I went to said they did not have ornaments/never received ornaments to sell, and gave me the "sample" ornament on their tree while insisting that it was not the "official" 2015 ornament, haha.  I was just happy to get the ornament after talking to a few people and waiting around, and yes, this penguin indeed was the official ornament that was also featured on their website.  I also love how Shake Shack has a holiday-themed design for their to-go bags and cups over the holidays - the little penguins are super cute!  I look forward to seeing what they offer for the holidays in 2016!

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