Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Seattle Visit - Fumie's Gold Mont Blanc Buche de Noel

It's been a while since Christmas, but this cake was too delicious to not share on the blog! While I was in Seattle visiting my parents for the holidays, my mom ordered this fabulous Mont Blanc Buche de Noel from Fumie's Gold in Bellevue.  We always make at least one trip to their store when I visit for all of their Japanese-style cakes which are always delicious.  

This special order cake was the perfect combination of a Mont Blanc (sweet chestnut flavor cake that's very popular in Japan) and a roll cake (also popular in Japan).  The squiggly (technical term, haha) part on the top is a very distinct Mont Blanc component, and it's a sweet chestnut paste that is so delicious! I wish that Mont Blanc cakes were more prevalent in the US - I think they would be really popular if people saw them more often in bakeries!

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