Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Momofuku Milk Bar - Winter Treats

I've really enjoyed having a Momofuku Milk Bar in DC, and I love that they've had seasonal treats available in addition to the regular menu.  Two of the winter offerings were the Cranberry-gingerbread cake truffles and the Maple sugar cookie.

I wasn't really sure about the combination of cranberry and gingerbread, but they went together much better than I had imagined.  Both flavors were very strong in the cake truffles, and I especially liked the spices for the gingerbread component.  I'm still on the fence about cranberry baked goods (or really fruit in baked goods in general), but I'm glad I tried it out.  

The Maple sugar cookie on the other hand was delicious right from the start.  I wouldn't necessarily choose a maple flavored item from the start, but I've found that I like them because they remind me of pancakes - especially anything Maple from Georgetown Cupcake.  The maple touch to the sugar cookie was really delicious! 

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