Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food Review: Haagen-Dazs Low Fat Frozen Yogurt Tart Natural

Mise en place (scooper is not actually GINORMOUS as it may appear)

  • I Paid: $2.50 + tax (on sale with my Giant card)
  • Description: New! New! New!; With live and active cultures; Excellent source of calcium

I am a HUGE fan of tart frozen yogurt. Luckily there have been a few options popping up around the DC metro area (Tangysweet, CaliYogurt, Mr. Yogato, Iceberry, to name a few). Not-so-luckily, my fro-yo allegiance will forever remain with Pinkberry, which is not (yet?) anywhere near me. Pinkberry, even if it's not technically "yogurt", is a super delicious and refreshing option when regular ice cream might be too sweet or too heavy for you.

When I saw this Haagen-Dazs flavor, I knew not to expect Pinkberry, but maybe, just maybe, a good home option for a tart frozen yogurt. First impressions: The Name. Something about the extremely long and awkward name just seemed strange to me. Haagen-Dazs, you normally charge about $5 for a pint and have many "gourmet" flavors, you couldn't find a better name than "low fat frozen yogurt tart natural"? It's like they had a brainstorming meeting and just shoved together all of the words listed on the white board or something. But I'm not here to talk about the name, I'm here for the food, after all.

Scoop Shot

The clunky naming aside, this is a really good frozen yogurt. It's creamy but not cloying, feels smooth and would go really well with fresh fruit or crunchy toppings, like sliced almonds or sprinkles. It might not be sweet enough for anyone expecting ice cream or more of a TCBY-type frozen yogurt, so be forewarned if you're more in that camp. I think this might be a good freezer item to have handy for low-fat smoothies also; if you have some frozen or fresh berries and a pint of this, you'll be good to go any time a sudden Smoothie Emergency should occur. (If this actually happens to anyone, let me know, cus that means I = psychic).

Final verdict? A solid purchase and I'm glad that I bought it. I'm also glad I wasn't holding it up to Pinkberry level for comparison, cus it's definitely not the same. I'd recommend this as a yummy lighter option for desserts or snacks at home.


  1. awesome! i love the pinkberry-ish stuff too and since I generally avoid the ice cream section (hooray for being a lac-tard) I had no idea it existed.

    and, since i have been a marketer for a whole 4 weeks i can tell you that your whiteboard theory holds a lot of weight :)

  2. "K" - In all seriousness, I agree with your review of HD's Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt Tart Natural. What were they thinking in regards to the name! I might have to purchase this product just to test it out...a yummy pool-side treat!

    Yours Truly,