Thursday, June 25, 2009

Japanarama Review: Kit Kat Custard Purin flavor

Car key for size comparison

  • I Paid: 500yen for a bag
  • Description: Custard Purin flavor, Have a break- have a Kit Kat

One of the best things about Japan, to be honest, is the insane amounts of fun and crazy candies and snacks that come out there. Ever since I was little, no other candy or snack was as good as something from Japan. It's not hard to find Japanese snacks (Asian markets, Asian sections of regular supermarkets, Amazon, etc.), but there are some that never make it over to the US commercial market. Of course, these are usually the ones that are awesome, unfortunately. Because of that, a lot of my stuff coming back from a trip to Japan is lots of candy and snacks.

One of these treats I brought back from my trip to Japan in May are a bag of Kit Kat Minis , Custard Purin flavor. "Purin" is basically like a Flan or Custard Pudding that has been around in Japan for a while, as far as I can remember. As you can see in the photo, they really are pretty mini, not much bigger than my car key. It smells like vanilla pudding even from outside the packaging.

The "first-bite" shot

The overwhelming vanilla scent aside, the Kit Kat bar taste itself isn't too strong. It's a crispy wafer covered in a thin vanilla/white chocolate. I like the contrast of the textures, and it's like a diluted creme brulee in a Kit Kat bar. This Kit Kat actually benefits from the small size, because if it was any bigger, the vanilla frosting-ish flavor might be a bit too much.

Over the years there have been a lot of "limited edition" flavors out in Japan, like green tea, black sesame, rose, mango, etc. They're usually pretty popular more for the novelty of them, but ones like this one actually taste good too.

Final Verdict? A perfect 4-bite snack for a little chocolate fix. I'm glad I bought a bag of this. I figured that since it was the type of dessert that is close to white chocolate anyway, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for it to be a Kit Kat. Sadly, by the time I go to Japan again this flavor probably will no longer be available, but hopefully that means some new flavors for me to try!


  1. OMG! That looks so good. I want to go to Japan!!

  2. I finally ate the one that you gave me. It was really good! I appreciated that it was small, I would not have been able to resist eating the whole thing if it was full size.