Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vineyard Vines: Whale of a Sale

There's a sale going on at Vineyard Vines right now, I believe both online and in-store. Online it says up to 40% off select items for both Men and Women.

A lot of their stuff is way overpriced in my opinion, but if it's on sale it's a little extra push to look around. I love the colors and the general vibe of the brand. If you have any old favorites that you want to stock up on, or birthdays coming up, it might be worth taking a look!

*Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with nor getting paid by Vineyard Vines for this plug. I like the store and I just got an e-mail about their sale, so I just thought I'd pass it on :-)


  1. I like that you have posted 5 times so far on a working Tuesday.

  2. Yeah, what happened to only doing this during your free time? Haha!