Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - Free Candy Bar Spider Web Cupcake

Over the weekend prior to Halloween, Georgetown Cupcake offered two fun free secret flavors: Candy Bar Spider Web and Halloween Lava Fudge.  The photo above is of the Candy Bar Spider Web cupcakes that we got - the Halloween Lava Fudge looked exactly the same on the outside haha.

This Candy Bar Spider Web cupcake consisted of a chocolate cake with chunks of Snickers mixed in, orange-colored vanilla buttercream frosting, and a fudge spider web on top.  The addition of the Snickers bar chunks added some texture which was nice.  I usually love when Georgetown Cupcake adds mix-ins to regular cupcakes, and this one was no exception.  Both Halloween-themed cupcakes were a delicious way to celebrate!

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