Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trader Joe's Coffee Latte & Cream Bars

From the box:

Just coffee, cream and all natural ingredients make up these indulgent frozen treats make for us down under in Australia.  The ideal blend of smooth, rich tasting coffee is sourced by the family-owned company and blended with fresh cream to create this unique dessert.  The real coffee ice cream is balanced with the refreshing cream to make this a delicious "almost latte" experience.  You push the bar right up through the seal on the individual package and have no stick to mess with at the end.  Pretty neat and very delicious!

This is another great find from Trader Joe's, especially if you're a fan of coffee ice cream!  It was a little strange to find that these ice cream bars are stick-less, but it works easily as a "push-pop" type ice cream.  The combination of coffee and cream ice cream flavors work really well together - this is a delicious little treat for a snack or dessert!  Also, the small rectangular shape may lend itself to being layered on top of a warm brownie.... yum!

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