Monday, November 5, 2012

Shake Shack - Figs & Coach Farms Goat Cheese Custard

Back in September I headed over to Shake Shack to try out the Figs & Coach Farms Goat Cheese custard... yeah, not something you see everyday, right?

Much like many of the other non-chocolate custards, this special flavor looked exactly like a regular vanilla custard at first glance, haha.  I was always suspicious that they gave me regular custard in the beginning, but I've since come to realize that a lot of them look plain on the outside.

The goat cheese flavor was very pronounced, but not overbearing.  I felt like it added an extra level of creaminess as well as some tart flavor to the custard base.  As far as the fig portion, I can't recall any big pieces of figs being visible, but there were specks of fruit mixed in as well.  I find that many of their special flavor custards are blended really well, to the point that the flavors are more so tasted than seen.  This was a good and creative flavor - any goat cheese fans will love this one!

*Update: Shake Shack provided me a link with more information on Coach Farms here!


  1. That sounds AMAZING! I've made goat cheese ice cream before and loved it and can see how fig would pair well with it.