Friday, April 19, 2013

Japanese Panda Pocky


Now that I have your attention - yes, this just might be the cutest box of Pocky I've ever seen, haha.  Since I can't really think of any other reason why pandas and cookies and cream food would be linked, I can only assume that the black and white color was the only connecting factor, haha.

The inside pouch that holds the Pocky sticks is just as cute as the outside, with a myriad of dancing pandas.  The Pocky sticks themselves were actually pretty good - it was a chocolate biscuit coated in white chocolate with little bits of chocolate biscuit pieces mixed in.  It's a big departure from the regular Pocky stick, but a cute idea for a limited edition flavor! 


  1. This is sitting in my kitchen waiting to be devoured!

  2. Brought a few boxes back from Tokyo last week and I've already devoured every last one.